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From: Mo Roe, -     Posted: 28-10-14
re Henry Richardson
I've just been having a massive clear out at home and found an old address book; in it was Henry Richardson of Trevilly Lane who I'd been friends with in the late 1960's. For some reason I googled his name and your site came up but with the sad news that he had died. For a short while I had difficulty getting to work [I worked at Davidstow] and I somehow got there by having a lift with Henry but also I remember sitting on the back of a tractor. Reading that Henry's dad drove a tractorI it made me wonder if it was his tractor. I had to get up at the crack of dawn to travel from St Tudy to Davidstow but I can remember very little about it [it was a hell of a long time ago]. For many years I returned with my growing family to stay at the caravan park, but it's many years since I was there. Time to visit the place again, I think. mo roe
From: Robin Phillips, Kenilworth     Posted: 25-08-14 7:12 pm
Parish Records
I found your website after searching for Jacobs families in Cornwall and couldn't leave without saying a BIG THANK YOU to the transcribers of the St Teath Parish records. My wife's family are descended from the St Teath Jacobs and it was amazing to see how much information you have made available. If anyone else is researching these families, please do feel able to get in touch (google me or use Ancestry). Thanks again to the hard working transcribers.
From: simon best, coventry     Posted: 30-07-14 5:32 pm
thomas dungey, head warden bodmin jail 1819-1860
can anyone tell me when thomas,s father was head warden at the jail.? he died in 1820, and i have a photo of his grave in helland cemetary. he is buried with his wife and other son.thomas senior,s father was my 7xgr grandfather, i think from st wenn parish. my side of the dungeys settled in st ewe
From: Jack and Barbra, St Kew     Posted: 13-07-14 11:02 pm
Does anyone have a number for Ken Downer who does a lot of work in the village, we can't seem to find him anywhere.
From: Tanya, Bournemouth     Posted: 28-12-13 6:11 pm
Old photo - toddler in the street
My mother, Jennifer Rush, was born in St. Teath in 1946; this could be her! Her father, Harold rush! featured in the school football team photos died at 22 years. We would love to hear from the person that submitted this photograph or who has any memory of Laura (Granny) Rush.
From: Glenda May, St Teath     Posted: 26-11-13 11:27 pm
St Teath Village Website
Many thanks to Rod, our current Webmaster, for all the time he has dedicated to the St Teath Village Website.We wish him and Grace happiness in their new home.Welcome to Bob our new Webmaster.G.M.
From: simon best., st teath     Posted: 26-10-13 8:51 am
dungey family
i am related to thomas dungey senior and junior. both father and son were head warden at bodmin gaol. thomas junior served for 41 years, and oversaw 17 public hangings 1819-1860. thomas senior was born in st teath. he is buried in helland, while his son is buried in bodmin.
From: St Teath Allotment Association, St Teath     Posted: 19-10-13 8:41 pm
Saturday Soup Kitchen, 19th October 2013
The Allotment Association would like to thank everyone who contributed to the overwhelming success of the Soup Kitchen.We raised a grand total of £272.69 which will go a long way towards providing security fencing around our wildlife and pond area.Particular thanks go to the following for their hard work on the day:Carole Orr for her waitress skills, Julie Vellum and Kevin Hargrave for slaving away in the kitchen, Irria Barnes for slaving away over a hot oven all morning to provide fresh bread rolls to go with the soup, Tim Barnes for ably managing the produce stall and sale of raffle tickets, Sue Hargrave (the 'Gopher') for pitching in wherever help was needed all the allotment holders for supplying the soups, cakes, and produce.Thanks also go to Kevin (the butcher) Barry (White Hart) and Steve (Village Shop) for their contributions to the day.Most of all thanks go to the Villagers of St Teath and surrounding areas for coming along and supporting us.
From:  Joan Coupland, Treburgett     Posted: 21-09-13 11:23 am
War Graves Commission grave of Sgt T R Callaby
As welfare officer for the Wadebridge Branch of the Royal British Legion I have recently been contacted by two members of the branch who are seeking information regarding Sgt. Callaby.A couple of months ago they visited The White Heart for lunch and afterwards had a walk around the village, including the cemetery where they found the War Graves there. That of Sgt Callaby took their interest as he had served in the Suffolk Regiment during WW2, as had they. On Middern Day (celebrated by the regiment on the first Sunday in August), one of the gentlemen returned and placed the two artificial roses which now adorn the grave. It must be assumed that Sgt Callaby has his grave in the Churchyard and not where he fell as a result of returning home with wounds from which he died. The only information I can find regarding Sgt Callaby is that his was the son of Henry and Annie Callaby, and the husband of Annie Elizabeth Callaby of St. Teath. There is no Callaby in the telephone directory so Mrs Callaby may well have returned to the Suffolk area after his death.Has any-one in the village done any research into these War Graves and could give me any information which I could pass back to my RBL members. One of these gentlemen was a training officer and he says that from Sgt Callaby's service number he may well have been a regular soldier who was serving in India prior to being called back for war service. If any information about this soldier is out there could you possibly let me know. My email address is
From:  Mark Bird, Brigg N, Lincs     Posted: 05-08-13 10:35am
Village hospitality
Thank you to all the fellow visitors and residents of StTeath for making our 2 week holiday so enjoyable. We were fortunate enough to catch both the Delabole carnival St Teath's on our second week end and particularly liked the StTeath Fire brigade(alternative).We stayed at the very peaceful Rosebud farm and wandered into the village for frequent forays into the White hart and local shop where we enjoyed the very best of service before tacking our way back up to the campsite by torchlight. The Pub bar is an absolute gem and never before have we experienced such warm friendly acceptance by the resident crowd whom kept us very very amused with diverse conversation on every subject imaginable. Our two little terriers also made many new friends in the bar and mopped up all the attention lavished on them by the dog friendly folk therein. A wonderful unspoilt place with a great community atmosphere....something very special id say....Well done!!!
From: Kate, St teath     Posted: 07-07-13 8:43 pm
Bus service
Hi only moved to st teath 6 weeks ago love it and the people are very welcoming. Why do we get such a rubbish bus service's like they are boycotting our little village!!!!! The service goes everywhere else then skips st teath!!! Does anyone no why we are left out like this?
From: Christopher Case, Chichibu, Japan     Posted: 03-07-13 3:42 am
Trying to locate my St. Teath birthplace
I'm told I was born in 1943 at The Manor House, St. Teath. My parents were not native Cornish, but my mother and sisters were there to be safe from the war while my father, Dr. Ralph Case, served in the RAF. If anyone knows anything about this house, I'd really appreciate seeing a photo. Contact
From: Gillian Payne, Torpoint     Posted: 17-04-13 7:04 pm
Evalina Jane Tonkin (nee Haynes)
I am trying to trace my great grandmother, Evelyn Tonkin (nee Haynes), born in 1871. I think she may have lived at Niknot Farm, but cannot find any details of it. I am also trying to trace where she was buried, she died in 1955, I have searched your gravestones on a visit to St Teath, but cannot find her grave. More here
From: Tony Medland, Delabole     Posted: 06-03-13 10:22 pm
Lovely site, like the rainfall site, the whole St.Teath site, very well done. Who takes the rainfall for St.Teath.... I have a web page here for Delabole rainfall which is set against 11 year averages etc. It can be found from BTYahoo as Would love a St.Teath contact name....Many thanksforgot to mention I have a contact e-mail address.
From: Richard Hewitt,       Posted: 01-03-13 11:24 am
John Bray
I wonder if anyone can help me please. I am traceing my Cornish family a 4 times great grandfather name of John Bray his wife was called Annie (nee May) they lived on High Lane but at the moment I am struggling to find where High Lane is in St Teath can you help me I would be greatfull, thank you. My email address is
From:  Pete Bates, Crickhowell, Powys     Posted: 21-02-13 8:48 pm
Chris Hayne
How could anyone fail to remember you, Chris!
From: karl stockbridge , stanstead abbotts     Posted: 29-01-13 3:35 am
old photos picture 62
could anyone tell me who are in this picture i know roy Crosley the headteacher of the school but who are the rest? My email address is
From: Chrissie Boult, Clifton, Rugby     Posted: 20-11-12 9:20 pm
Charity Walkers
Soooo very proud of your fantastic achievement Big Sis Elaine, Debs and Ruby, (and not forgetting the behind the scene helpers ... You know who you are)!! It's fantastic that you have raised so much money to charities that mean a lot to you both. Look forward to hearing the tales of your challenge/experience over a well deserved glass of Bubbly! Love you all dearly from your family in Rugby. Xx
From: John Jones, Treligga     Posted: 02-11-12 3:00 pm
Fish and chip van
I do not wish to prevent anyone making an honest living but is it not possible for the fish & chip van trading in St Teath on a Thursday to be sited in a safer place? Despite crawling passed it, I have had to brake sharply as adults who should know better have just stepped into the road. I hate the expression but this could be an accident waiting to happen.
From: John Jones, Treligga     Posted: 08-10-12 12:30pm
Well Done Charity Walkers
Well done Elaine Fell,Debbie Murray and Ruby the dog on your charity walk. And well done Paul on going teetotal until Christmas and donating all that he would have spent in the White Hart to the fund.
From: carmel, st teath     Posted: 05-10-12 12:24 am
cleaner needed
Is there a reliable cleaner available for monday mornings as my father is finding it a bit difficult due to his knee. contact info.? - ed
From: JOHN FOSTER, PLYMOUTH     Posted: 04-10-12 8:47 pm
From: Mandy , Delabole     Posted: 02-09-12 11:31 am
Yes, we are new to area and also want to cycle and or walk to and from Delabole to St Teath. (YOu have the best Pub in St Teath!)
From: Jonathan Sims, St Teath     Posted: 28-08-12 12:49 pm
Cycling and walking
Thank you Sally. And not just cycling. What about local walks that avoid the roads and also stiles which have been designed to be difficult if not dangerous to cross and fields planted/ploughed to disguise footpaths ?
From: Sally, St Teath     Posted: 18-08-12 11:33 am
Is their anywhere that you can cycle from St Teath, to Delabole without having to go along the windy, dangerous roads?
From: Jonathan Sims, St Teath     Posted: 22-07-12 2:56 pm
Techis in St Teath
I can recommend Chris Williamson of Coastal Computers based in St Teath for help with computer and Internet.. We moved to the village last year and found getting online a pain. Our experience was that BT wasn't quick to restore our line perhaps because we weren't going to use them as internet providers. AOL proved to be very incompetent although we were already customers. I had to run my business using the wifi at the White Hart for several weeks which did have its compensations!Welcome, Jason and family
From: john,      Posted: 17-07-12 8:41 pm
There is free wifi in the White Hart available to customers
please supply full name in future posts - ed.
From: Jason, California     Posted: 16-07-12 5:54 am
moving to town
My family is lucky enough to be moving to the village, I was hoping to get in touch with the local tech crowd, we have a few questions..for starters, are there any public wifi hotspots (for folks who are waiting for BT to arrange their telco connectivity) we are anticipating having issues and would like to know if there are options out there. Looking forward to getting to know folk. Thanks.
From: John Jones, Treligga     Posted: 15-07-12 9:22 am
Fallen tree
At about 8.30pm yesterday a large tree fell over in the Allen Valley.As the first on the scene I have particular reason to be glad I didn't arrive just a few minutes earlier. A lot of motorists have reason to be grateful to the person living, I believe, in the old mill at Knightsmill. With his 4x4 he managed to pull the tree into a position so lots of motorists could roll it away. He saved a lot of people a lot of time. I send him my thanks and would willingly buy him a pint at any time.
From: Cate and Steve Hearnshaw, St Teath     Posted: 30-06-12 9:22 pm
Community Bus
We borrowed the community bus today to take our daughter and her friends to Newquay Aquarium for her birthday party today. What a brilliant bus, we are so lucky to have this facility in the village. THANKYOU!
From: Dennis and Glenda May, St. Teath     Posted: 05-06-12 7:45 pm
Street Party
Well done to the Jubilee Committee.The Street Party and Village Concert were a great success. We all know how much work goes on behind the scenes when events runs so smoothly. Thankyou for two super events. Dennis and Glenda May.
From: Terry and Jane Wardle, France     Posted: 05-06-12 3:49 pm
Street Party
Although in deepest France it is so good to look on the website and see that the village has again shown its community spirit and put on a fantastic party. Well done to one and all. We look forward to returning in October. Best wishes to all our friends in the village.
From: Paul Fell, St teath     Posted: 04-06-12 8:56 pm
Street party
Outstanding, well done to all those involved who made it happen.
From: Julie Berman, Treburgett     Posted: 04-06-12 5:54 pm
Street Party
Thank you to the residents of St Teath for organising such a fantastic Jubilee Street Party today! So much hard work went into making it a memorable occasion for everyone - and the weather was perfect! We had to leave before the end of the party and didn't have time to pick up the commemorative medals for our children - if there are any still available could you please let me know who I can contact to get two? Many thanks again.
From: Eve Hayes, Folkestone, Kent     Posted: 21-05-12 4:34 pm
I was evacuated to St Teath in 1940 at the tender age of 9 and lived at Allen Valley Garage with Mr. and Mrs Parsons and Pat and after a few months at Treroosal Farm with Mrs.Philps and Margery and Margery's grandad. I attended the Primary School and remember Mrs. Tucker. My name was Evelyn Coppock from London. I've just viewed the photos. Wonderful.
From: Chris Hayne, Quintrell Downs     Posted: 29-03-12 10:16 pm
St Teath Primary School
I picked up a 'Timepeace' whilst travelling in North Cornwall and espied the web-site. I was more a 'Knightsmiller' than a 'St Teathite' but attended the Primary School from 1950 until 1956, first under the headship of Mr Liddicoat and then Roy Crosley. I just wonder if there could be a feature developed on the history of the school and its' teachers down the decades. I think the web-site is very well presented and a credit to its' constructors. If any one can remember me, and wishes to make contact, they can do so on '' Keep up the good work.
From: bob, St Teath     Posted: 22-03-12 10:00 am
Help Needed by David French
I am available for odd jobs. Please call me on 07946704423
From: david french, st teath     Posted: 08-03-12 6:21 pm
Help needed
Hi I have recently purchased a house in the village, I would be grateful if anyone could recommend a reliable handyman for odd jobs. thanks
From: Alison Abodarham, London     Posted: 14-02-12 7:23 pm
St Teath village pantomime
I saw the St Teath pantomime on Friday and would like to say how much effort and enthusiasm seemed to have gone into the production. We had a good night out and would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking about going. Well done St Teath!
From: sarah newman,      Posted: 17-01-12 5:12 pm
railway cottages
I have been doing some research into my family tree and discovered my ancestor Mattie Jewell born 1875 was born at St Teath. She married a Joseph Parsons who was born in Tresmeer in 1868. He was a railway porter and they lived in Station cottages St Minver in 1901. Any info available on this would be gratefully received. thanks
From: Mark Harris, Fareham     Posted: 08-10-11 1:27 pm
Charlie Arscott Harris
I would just like to say thank you to all St Teath villagers and friends of my Grandad Charlie Harris for their help with his care over the years. Without all your help Grandad would not have been able to live independently in the village for as long as he did. Special thanks to his next door neighbours who where watching over him. Also thanks to Pat who was Grandad's Rock.
From: Marguerite O'Neill , Toronto Ontario Canada      Posted: 29-09-11 9:40 pm
great great grandfather Samuel Wilton
I am researching my great great grandfather Samuel Wilton born 1815 came from St. Teath with his parents and brother Richard about 1837 any informtion regarding the above would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail address is
From: Daniel R Walsh PhD FInstSMM, St Teath     Posted: 04-09-11 7:38 am
My forthcoming Wedding - March 17th 2011(2012? ed)
To one and to all. Be you duly warned that I propose to marry my Fiancé at the Church of St. Teath on the 17th March 2011. Having met with the Revd Deryn at Church recently, and was TOTALLY shocked at the suggestion of my Fiancé Eva that perhaps we should get married here, I immediately grabbed the opportunity:-The Village will be en Fete that weekend, and I am Irish by Birth, and my future wife is from Slovakia. We will have Family & Friends from ALL over the World joining us to celebrate the event, so if you have accommodation available, please do let me know so that I can generate a list for Guests. I would LOVE to have my Bride and her Bridesmaids delivered to the Church in a Horse Drawn Carriage, Any suggestions? I have already spoken to the "Local" where we will certainly raise a Glass of five. With a Buffet at the Church Hall following the Ceremony. I want this to be a Day that we, Eva and I will never forget, but also for the Village to remember for many years to come. We are two mature people (Some people would question this) who have found the Love of God, and the Love of life with each other. Any suggestions as to how can mark this day, and be a bit different would be most welcome. Thank you in anticipation, and hopefully we will see you all soon.Daniel R Walsh
From: Jonathan Sims, St Teath     Posted: 19-07-11 8:48 pm
Freedom of Speech
It seems amazing that someone felt at liberty to paint over Simon Edwards' protest painted on his house. Does anyone know the legal position here? Presumably others would have a similar liberty to paint on the walls of the Camel Builders' houses.
From: simon edwards, st teath     Posted: 12-07-11 9:19 pm
freedom of speech
some of you may be familiar with the message i painted on the back wall of my house in protest at camel builders development immediately behind us . This was there for almost a year but today was painted over without my knowledge or permission and without any legal compulsion. Hopefully my comment here will pass moderation
From: John Mottram,      Posted: 10-07-11 11:36 pm
Thank you Rod
Thank you Rod for your responsible action, greatly appreciated by those concerned.
From: Rod Keat, St Teath     Posted: 10-07-11 6:09 pm
Thank you John and others - whoever you are.I didn't want to do this, but in view of recent issues surrounding comments, they will now be subject to moderation,or checked as appropriate, before going live. There will be a delay before they appear.Please do not post anonymously.Rod
From: john,      Posted: 10-07-11 2:40 pm
My comment was made in defence of myself, YOU and YOU alone publish these comments with no regard for the damage they do, plese take this seriously or legal action will be taken.
From: Rod Keat (editor), St Teath     Posted: 10-07-11 12:12 pm
Drink and Driving
A number of anonymous comments on this topic have again been made. This is not an appropriate place for the subject to be debated under the cloak of anonymity - anyone concerned should contact the police. Any further comments on the subject will be removed.
From: caroline, st.teath     Posted: 13-06-11 5:11 pm
House to rent
We have a 3 bed bungalow in St. Teath and really need a bigger place with 3 growing children. We would like to rent a larger property in St. Teath and then rent out ours if you are interested or can help plese contact me on 01208850152 thankyou it would be a great help
From: Rosie Robinson, St Teath     Posted: 05-06-11 3:20 pm
Looking for Barbara!
Does anybody know the surname, phone number, of Barbara that does the sign painting? Need to get hold of her urgently as someone pinched our B&B sign late last Friday night (all 8 ft of it!). Thanks 01208 850441
From: The Rose Family, Plymouth     Posted: 01-06-11 3:09 pm
Shop closure
To: Mrs Davey.Have a long & happy retirement; we will always remember your lovely shop!Ruth, Roger and especially, Sam & Emily
From: Rod Keat (editor), St Teath     Posted: 22-03-11 6:39 pm
Personal abuse
It is a condition of this forum that personal abuse will not be tolerated and will be removed. I have been made aware that the police have been informed about some of the comments that have recently been posted here (now removed). Contributers should not post anonymously.
From: John Jones, Treligga     Posted: 05-03-11 1:03 pm
Rod Keat
Rod is far too young to be of a generation that cycled to work!NB He has not paid me for saying this
From: Alison, London     Posted: 26-02-11 4:50 pm
Photos of St Teath businesses
Rod Keat used to cycle from Delabole to work in the Co-op on North Road, does anyone remember seeing him there!
From: Nicky, St Teath     Posted: 16-02-11 9:39 am
It's lovely to see the old photos of shops and business from times gone by. This village is truely a lovely place to live.
From: Leon wagstaff, Trewalder     Posted: 25-01-11 2:11 pm
Snooker Room
Regarding the article about the poor usage of the snooker room (see Timepiece February 2011 - ed), may i suggest that a slot meter is installed in the room and,that members can purchase a key for say £5,returnable when membership ceases.Having to go to the Post Office for the key and tokens is a turn off because (a)not knowing how many tokens one might need,and(b)the most popular time for playing is the evenings when the Post Office is shut!This system works very well in other villages round and about.Hope this helps
From: jake sanders , sgt terathj      Posted: 01-12-10 6:13 pm
is there a badminton club and half eight thursdays if do is it mixed gender? Yes and yes, see directory at the end of Timepiece November 2010 on this website for more info. (ed)
From: natasha mountain,      Posted: 23-11-10 10:57 am

thank you so much for all the support and help in finding me a house in st teath. but thankfully we did actually get one of the new builds. im grateful to be staying in the village because the villagers are lovely. thanks again.
From: natasha mountain, st teath     Posted: 05-11-10 10:49 am
need a house to rent
im sure you all know me from working in the village shop, i live in one of the central house flats, but its too small for my longterm boyfriend to be able to move in with me and my little boy and to extend the family. we are looking to rent a 3 bedroom house in st teath, we aplied for one of the new builds by rosewater but didnt get one. we need to stay in st teath because dave is away alot being in the army and i dont drive so need to be in the village for school, work and family and friends support. so if there is anyone who can help us please leave details in the shop or email me on
From: Terrie Burland, Ryde, Isle of Wight     Posted: 08-09-10 12:06 pm
Messy Play
What a fantastic website with superb format and bright clear information.Was looking for messy play ideas to start up in our church St Johns, Ryde - lovely ideas and schemes of play. Many thanks x
From: Judy, Woking,      Posted: 03-09-10 7:09 pm
Great photos
Just discovered the new look site and was delighted to find photos of the gravestones of some of my Lobb and Palmer ancestors. Also all the other cemetery information which I missed when the old St Teath history site closed.Thank you.
From: Rachel, Deeping St. Nicholas     Posted: 12-08-10 11:11 am
To those concerned with producing the village website: thank you. Useful information on both the past and present. I found your site whilst researching OH's ancestors so the old maps and links to graveyard memorials (with picures!!!) are of particular interest. We hope to visit soon.
From: Alison Willcocks, Kingsteignton, Devon     Posted: 02-08-10 9:11 pm
Web Site
I would just like to congratulate you on a fantastic website. We will be camping about 10 minutes away from the village in a few weeks time and I was just having a look to see what was in the area and came across your website. Brilliant! Look forward to visiting your village in 'real life'.
From: simon edwards, st teath     Posted: 19-07-10 8:20 am
camel builders behind treroosel rd
Hopefully The parish council also opposed the original application, the 2009 one was just a renewal. I dont understand how this application was accepted or why there is no right of appeal for objectors. my feelings now are expressed on the back wall of my house
From: S.Theobald. St Teath Clerk, Delabole     Posted: 16-07-10 4:50 pm
Treroosel Road.
Recorded in the Parish Council Minutes, 2009/01/01.Plots 13A and 13B, The Meadows, Treroosel Road, St Teath.The Parish Council did not support this application on the grounds that 'It was overdevelopment of the site,loss of amenities to adjoining properties, it would overpower the existing cottages and impact adversely on the area'
From: debbie, st teath     Posted: 15-07-10 10:07 am
2 houses behind cottages in treroosel road
Hi Jonathan - yes, 2 houses are being built there. I live next door to trelowen (cordwainers) and we've objected, along with the neighbours, against this development. Our light and privacy will be completely taken away, not to mention the noise going on at the moment! We really don't understand how permission was given for this. We've contacted local councillors for support and heard nothing back - great eh? Good luck with your move and I'm sure we'll be seeing you.
From: Jonathan Sims, Soon to be St Teath     Posted: 21-06-10 8:50 pm
Development work?
Does anyone know what is really going on to the patch of land behind the Union cottages at the start of Treroosel Road? Planning permission has been granted (how?) for 2 houses there and the land is currently being cleared, but we hear this is a regular occurrence. We will shortly be moving into Trelowen on the corner and would dearly like to know.Thank you
From: lynda pomeroy, Auckland New Zealand     Posted: 10-06-10 11:30 am
Reserching the HENWOOD family from St teath and ST Endellion
I just want to say hello to everyone in St Teath. My ancestor Thomas Henwood lived in Carkeen until 1857 when he and his children emigrated to NZ. I came to your village in 1988 and saw the farm house at St teath. margaret Pugh showed me around. She must be dead now, but she said she had welcomed a succession of New Sealand Henwoods into her house. Thankyou all st teath residents for being so accomodating when crazy people from downunder want to poke around your village and aske questions about dead ancestors. It must get very trying sometimes! My contact email is
From: Daniel Stokes, Boscastle     Posted: 02-06-10 10:10 am
House Wanted!
Hi all, Not sure this is the right place to post this but I am looking to buy a house in the village and the local estate agents have been anything but helpful!I've nothing to sell and looking for 2-3 bedrooms, garden, garage if possible and preferably needing work but would buy something already done. If you’re interested in selling or know someone who is then please email or call and we can see if anything can 420406
From: Joan Coupland, Treburgett     Posted: 27-04-10 10:38 am
Planning application for Treburgett Pig Farm
W.T. Shute and Sons of Canworthy Water, who are now the owners of Treburgett Pig Farm have submitted an application to the Planning Department of Cornwall Council - ref no. 2010/00473, to increase the size of the existing pig housing unit, build a slurry pit and alter the existing track (public footpath) near the farm. This application follows being granted permission last year to build a second pig housing unit, despite opposition from the residents of Treburgett. All these increases in pig housing obviously increases the terrible smell we have to endure, plus the noise of the pigs and flies. We will obviously be opposing this latest application and would be grateful if any other residents in the area would join us in this. This could effect the enjoyment of using the public footpath from Treburgett. Where will it all stop. This is a pig farm which is growing into a very large commercial business. DO WE REALLY NEED THAT IN OUR AREA?
From: Jennie Symons, Canberra ACT Australia     Posted: 25-04-10 2:52 am
St Teath Website
I wish to compliment the people responsible for this wonderful website. My Grandfather his parents and brothers emigrated from St Teath in the late 1800's to Australia [and South Africa]. It has been of great value to me in researching my family's origins. I also had the opportunity to visit St Teath first in 1969 when I could find very little about them and again last October[2009] with my son Cedric. At that time we met a delightful lady who has a converted cottage in what was once the stables [#1] and she was most helpful as her husband had mapped the graves in the church before his demise. She also was able to point me in other directions I had not thought of to get more information. I am most grateful to her and to your wonderful website and I have also given it to my sister in northern NSW as she is also interested. Many thanks.
From: john and maria,      Posted: 08-04-10 4:53 pm
well done
well done barry & ken pubs looking great,in fact its so white its blinding! great hospitality and food as ever.
From: Barry., st teath     Posted: 08-04-10 2:01 pm
pub decor
Sorry your local,s been looking a bit scruffy,but we are getting there with painting,new baskets and a new sighn comming soon,Wheather has been a bit bad.Thank,s for the comment,s and the support,good to hear from old friend,s of the village,Love to all,Barry.
From: alice king, reading     Posted: 24-03-10 11:17 am
first 2010 visit
hi all made our first visit to the cottage for 2010 this weekend, OMG what has happened to the beloved pub! it looks terrible, at least you get a free shower in the smokers corner, but once inside still the great old st teath and the ever happy barry. Hope to be back soon.alice and gregory
From: Steve White, Dartmouth, Devon     Posted: 11-03-10 9:14 pm
Rosewater Park
Love the website. I wish all villages (and a lot of towns) had sites as good as yours - easy to look at.Last year I stopped off at St. Teath with my family on my way to ther parts of Cornwall researching family history. We were so taken with St. Teath and the people, that when my mother died last year rather than invest the money in a bank , we chose to buy a pine Lodge on Rosewater park to use for ourselves and the rest of the time to let out for holiday makers. I hope people in the village dont mind the Caravan/Lodge park too much. We value the opinions of people who live and work in St. Teath all the time. Living somewhere like Dartmouth where there are a lot of second homes, we thought it best to buy a lodge on the park.
From: Jonathan Sims, Padstow     Posted: 11-03-10 6:47 am
What a wonderful website. We're hoping to becoming St Teath residents soon. The purchase is still in progress so cannot say more as "many a slip twixt ...." Fingers crossed
From: Joanne Brentari, Pennsylvania, USA     Posted: 05-02-10 7:33 pm
Goudge family
I am researching my Great Great Grandfather, Daniel Goudge, who was born in Churchtown, St. Teath, in July of 1829. His father, John, was a miner and his mother was Dorothy Marrifield Goudge. Three of Daniel's siblings were also born in St. Teath: Henry b. 1832, William b. 1826, Thirza b. 1831. I will be visiting St. Teath at the end of March and I would love to connect with any Goudge relatives. I am also interested in visiting the mines in the area where John might have worked. Any information would be very appreciated.Joanne
From: aidan, st teath     Posted: 03-02-10 5:05 pm
i live there
From: Nicky, St Teath     Posted: 29-12-09 11:04 pm
Christmas photos
love the photos of the pub this Christmas - brilliant xx
From: Irene, Whitstone     Posted: 29-11-09 3:28 pm
Your Site
Great looking site and easy to navigate.
From: Juliette,      Posted: 16-11-09 10:43 pm
What an excellent website. Packed with so much useful information.
From: venettia cato, farnborough hants     Posted: 13-07-09 10:10 am
hrh wyn levertons garden party
so sad that I had to miss wyns garden party, had just had a fantastic time (i holiday in valley view)in st teath, and was hoping to have been with wyn. Please post any photo's or info regarding the day so that all her adopted family here can see what she get's up to!!!!!!!!
If anyone has photos, I'll put them online - Rod
From: Bob & Ro Chapman, Delabole     Posted: 05-05-09 8:03 pm
Parish Walk
Very many thanks to all concerned for organising such a lovely walk yesterday. We really enjoyed ourselves - and Poppy did too - with such a friendly croud, fair weather, excellent organisation and delicious refreshments. Who could ask for more!
From: John Jones, Treligga     Posted: 05-05-09 1:17 pm

My gosh you were quick off the mark with your coverage of the Parish Walk. Less than 24\hours after being shocked at seeing so many walkers at one time in Treligga, I was reading about it. Well done.
From: Trevor Day, St Teath     Posted: 03-05-09 9:42 pm
St Teath has warm memories for me ... and for several of us who were in the Senior and Rover Scouts back in the late 1960's. We were camping at Bodmin and used to walk to St Teath for our lunch ... actually I think it was only three or four times ... but the pies were wonderful and better still ... the cider was the best I have ever tasted. I'm not sure if the village pub is still there but if so ... then it remains in the heartfelt memories of several of our brains. We were from 1st East-Sheen Scouts ... a school troop attached to Shene County Grammar School for boys. It became a comprehensive in the 70's ...but then I had left and moved on to work for BT [so later to become ... PO Telecoms in those days]. all the best and thank you for St Teath ... Trevor
From: Tom Durante, PLYMOUTH     Posted: 24-02-09 11:48 am
Looking Back
I was born in st Teath 1941 and went to school there untill i left in 1956 when i went to Plymouth to work and i have lived there eversince. i have two children , my son has four children & my daughter also has four children . a freind of mine told me about the st Teath web site and i have found it very fasinating , i still look for the st Teath football team results .
From: jenny jones(tucker), plymouth     Posted: 15-02-09 5:30 pm
tucker family st teath and delabole.
From: Ross Strickland, New Zealand     Posted: 05-01-09 3:51 pm
Request for information on Pellow family
Please see information here.
From: Mary Rooke{nee Hicks}, Plymouth     Posted: 04-01-09 7:23 pm
I lived in St Teath until 1955 when I left school {Sir James Smiths Grammar school in Camelford.} I lived in Trevilley Lane if anyone remembers me! I like your website very much and quite often look in, my only regret is that I don`t know many people there now, although I still have relatives at Camelford and Delabole
From: abbie fanson, st teath     Posted: 17-11-08 12:06 pm
i am 11 years old and a few things i want to say
i used to go to st teath junior school and now i am in camelford comprehensive i want to tell you a few things do you know i found it such a coincedince that my cousin moved right next door to me do you know theres this boy called sam leech on the bus that i go on and hesays he loves the green in st teath and so do i and my family
From: hannah cowling, st teath     Posted: 17-11-08 11:58 am
the green
hello i live in st teath and i love playing up in the green its a pitty the weather not very nice.
From: Simon Addelsee, Bridgwater     Posted: 15-11-08 12:55 am
Well, I have changed slightly from the photo in 1980. What a surprise to see myself as such a tiny person, I have great memories of growing up in St Teath and wish everyone all my best wishes. Simon
From: A.W.Prout, Nottm     Posted: 10-11-08 10:27 pm
For Arthur Prout of Adelaide.Hello from your long lost uncle Albert. Much to talk about later.
From: Val Strickland, Langold, near Worksop, North Notts     Posted: 29-09-08 4:05 pm
Langdon Family, St Teath
I wonder if there is anyone visiting this site who is descended from the Langdon family? My G Grandmother was Eliza Langdon, born c 1869 in St Teath. She was the daughter of James Langdon and Eliza Honey. If anyone thinks they can help me with my family research, would they please get in touch via the Contact section of this website? Any help at all would be very much appreciated.
From: Janet Harlowe, Hopwas Staffs     Posted: 25-09-08 5:43 pm
No, 39 Westdown Road St Teath (must be Delabole - ed)
My husband and I came to visit our aunt & uncle who live nearby, and on a day out we noticed a bungalow totally boarded up, could anyone let me know if the bungalow might be for sale or not. Any information would be very much appreciated. Many thanks
From: Mike, Australia     Posted: 29-08-08 5:05 am
church & friends
Some months ago I placed a comment about your church, your beautiful village and asked anyone who cared to contact me.Paul Fell did so and until recently corresponded by e mail, My last one seems to have gone astray if Paul or anyone who knows him please ask him to get in touch. Would liketo hear from anyone with church/ church history news. Thank you address is
From: Tracey Adams, Camelford     Posted: 15-07-08 2:18 pm
Evening with Anne Perisic and the Camelford and District Old Cornwall Society
I just wanted to say what a lovely evening and thank you for everyone making both myself and my friend very welcome. It was a pleasure to walk around, a village I had always driven through, to hear some of its history and to understand more about the area. I am looking forward to attending the next meeting in September and look forward to bumping into familiar faces in the village. Thank you. Tracey
From: Eve Addelsee, South Molton     Posted: 12-06-08 10:54 pm
Coming home
I came home yesterday, came back to St Teath for the first time for nearly 10 years to have lunch with Peggy Crosley. It was emotional and wonderful and I will be back again soon. I met some old friends, Sheila, Phil, Julie and Irene and introduced them to my 19 month old grand daughter Aysha (Mary's daughter). We visited the school, was I jealous! All those years of traipsing up to the playing fields, no staff room, awful loos, it is great and it almost makes me wish I was still teaching, but only 'almost'! So many happy memories, thank you St Teath, I feel so lucky to have lived and worked in this wonderful village.
From: Pete Bates, Crickhowell     Posted: 30-04-08 5:51 pm
Greta Richardson
I discovered your excellent village website recently after visiting Rod Keat's cousin, John who lives in Washington DC and who was visiting his family home in Delabole. I was brought up in Pendoggett and Port Isaac and have very fond memories of St Teath as the home of a good school friend of mine, Tony Burt with whom I'm still in touch and also of the late Henry Richardson and his mother, Greta. I learned shortly after Christmas 2008 that Greta had passed away which explained why she never replied to my annual letter to her. She was a dear lady whose husband, Jim, worked as a tractor driver on Treharrock Manor Farm during the time my father, Stan, was the manager there [middle years of the 1950's]. Henry and I were great playmates and Greta a very tolerant and friendly member of the farm community. Your website reflects the village!
From: Gwynneth Mander (Nee Hoskin) , Hutton, Preston, Lancashire     Posted: 12-03-08 11:19 am
Memories of my childhood and youth at St Teath.
I was delighted to discover the St Teath web site on the internet and to read about, and see, photographs of old family friends, familar places in the village, and village news. It brought back many happy memories of my childhood and youth in a delightful village.
Gwynneth's memories continue here.
From: meredith, Adelaide, Sth Australia     Posted: 16-02-08 3:58 am
Website and Village
This excellent website has allowed me an insight into your lovely little village. My friend lives in St Teath and I am hoping I will get to visit next year. I particularly enjoyed the virtual drive through town and the panorama from the church.
From: Alexandra Coupland, Gotham, Nottinghamshire     Posted: 14-02-08 5:04 pm
Walk through Treburgett
It was nice to see my granny and granddad's house and Anna Rosa's house on the walk through Treburgett on the computer. Thankyou.
From: Des, Berkshire     Posted: 05-02-08 6:07 pm
nice site - great virtual tour! We visited St. Teath in 2006 and were enchanted with the place. And the food was superb in the pub!
From: chris.osborne., st.teath.     Posted: 21-01-08 8:05 pm
web site.
well done to all concerned on the saint teath web site,brilliant.
From: mike, adelaide south australia     Posted: 10-01-08 10:44 am
any help
I spent two and a half years doing some reseacrch into old north cornish churches, with a view of trying to bring to peoples attention the plight of many of them. The project is still ongoing. I intend puting up a website, when I acn get some help. i would be grateful of any old photos or any information I can add to my work. I spent many a happy hour in the village and of course the pub. You are so lucky If the chance of employment in the area ever comes up, my family and I are returning for keeps. I have travelled all over the world and NO WHERE has the beauty of North Cornwall and your village.I think your Vicat is new to me, please tell him (if he is aware of my project) I am still working on it. Please can someone give me information on the roof repairs.I love your site and I will visit it each week to remind me of the smells, the atmosphere and the great people I met in and around St Teth, and your beautiful Church. thank you for keeping my memories alive. Mike Ogden. Anyone who wants to write, please do so
From: leah mountain , s.teath     Posted: 13-11-07 12:27 pm
st .teath football are doing very well 3rd in the division with my brother top gol scorer for st.teath we kiked the out of delebole the other day and that makes me proad to live in st teath woop woop
From: John Dungey, Sennen     Posted: 07-11-07 3:39 pm
Your website etc
I have jusat 'stumbled accross' your website and am extremely impressed. Sorry John, the rest of your message was lost - feel free to comment again - Rod
From: Emily R, Woolwell, Plymouth     Posted: 20-09-07 7:23 pm
St. teath
I used to live in St Teath - in named Paths End. I miss all my friends there....and thanks for making this website; it's brilliant. To all my friends that I miss: Hi, I have just started secondary school. I go to an all-girl grammar school and it's great. P.S. If you remember me...then hi!!
From: Rick Callaby, Palm Harbor, Florida     Posted: 19-09-07 1:55 am
Memories of St Teath
I have just found the St Teath website and it was amazing that - thanks to the internet - I could "visit" my home village. As a child I lived in and grew up at Treburgett. I attended the village school from 1947 to 1954 and then attended Launceston College (then a grammar school). My mother Anne Callaby moved to St Teath from Treburgett in 1960, the year I joined the RAF, and lived at "Sunnyside" the third cottage on the right in Treroosal Road. Apart from 1963 to 66 due to serving in Singapore I visited my mother regularly till just before her death in 1994. My last visit was with my wife Anna in 2002. We were attending a "Class of 54" reunion in Launceston so we took the opportunity of paying St Teath a visit. My life has taken me all over the world, the Far East, Australa, South America and Germany where I lived for 17 years, but but it all came back standing there in the square in fron of the clock. My wife and I now live in Palm Harbor, Florida where we have a small apartment complex converted from a former Roman Catholic convent. (our website then click on "pine hill" and select "English". It is nice to see how the village has developed over the years. An annual carnival. flower shows, news letter - things have certainly changed since my young days. As far as I can see, from the aerial view, Treburgett has expanded too, although I wish I could see it more clearly. The history of the old mine too. I used to walk past the old mine on my way home from school - even in darkness during the winter months and rode to school with the milk factory truck on its collection route. On our 2002 visit Anna and I were lucky to run into the only person who still remembers me - good old Barry Burton still at the White Hart, his only love apart from his golf. There may be others, but not many. It was nice to see the village looking so good, still the same, but somehow different. Anna and I look forward to visiting again and not such a whistle stop next time. If anyone who remembers me and wishes to get in touch please contact Rod for my email address. Rick
From: Arthur Prout, Elizabeth South Australia     Posted: 08-09-07 5:42 am
web site
Finding this site has made my day.Iam told my Grandfather Frederick Chenouth Prout was born in your village in 1894. He left i am told at 14 years of age to work on the railways,making his way to Liverpool were he met and married my Grandmother.I do not know much more about him but feel i need to.If anyone has any info please contact me at Thanks for a little touch of (home)
From: Steve and Lesley& Jason, Wadebridge     Posted: 04-09-07 7:28 am
We cant wait!
Hi all in St Teath. What a fab website you all have. We are shortly moving to St Teath from Wadebridge and can not wait.Our son Jason(12) is looking forward to exploring the village and country walks with his dad, and the dogs Teddy (shih-tzu and Ben the yorkie(He is the old dog)! I too am looking forward to our move i have chronic back pain and am disabled, the move will help me cope, it is very hilly where we live in Wadebridge and lovely and flat in St Teath. We look forward to meeting many new people. Many know Steve form being manager at Malsters Arms, and Pendogget. The site is so informative and shows fantastic photos . Well done to all involved. Meet you all soon. Steve, Lesley and Jason.
From: Larry Coleman, Little Rock, Arkansas USA     Posted: 23-08-07 2:53 pm
My visit a year ago
In June of 2006, I was cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats and found myself struggling into St. Teath after a long day that started in St. Ives. I was immediately charmed by your village. Of course, I went directly to the White Hart to ask about a room for the night. They had no vacancy but the very wonderful gentleman in charge offered to call a nearby B&B to ask whether they had a room. And they did...or rather, she The Hillcrest House. Soon, I was checked into my room and back at the White Hart for a pint and dinner. I have very kind thoughts about St. Teath. Your village is beautiful and welcoming from the moment you enter...and it only gets better, the more you come to know it. I have been to Cornwall two times, to St. Teath once. Next month, I will return with my wife who has been to neither and I will take her to St. Teath so that she can see for herself why I am in thrall to your village.
From: Nicky Halford, Newhall Green     Posted: 26-07-07 12:13 pm
Bingo !
Just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to the bingo evening on Saturday 14th July in St Teath Village Hall to help raise money for our lovely little school. We raised £620.00 in total and we had a fun time too ! Thanks to everyone who donated prizes and helped out on the night. As always it never fails to amaze me how generous and heart warming St Teath Village and it's people are - how lucky we all are to live in such a great place.
From: Rod Keat, St Teath     Posted: 10-07-07 10:35 pm
Suggest we set the ground rules over a pint at the White Hart on a date/time of your choice! Email
From: john jones, Treligga     Posted: 10-07-07 5:31 pm
Rod\'s challenge
Now Rod I'm not sure whether we shouldn't meet to establish the rules of operating a rain gauge. We're very honest people in Treligga but it's possible that some St Teath residents would site their gauge under the hedge to give a false reading! And would we both be getting very wet going outdoors to take the measure? And, how we would avoid the water running off our hats - or in my case my bald head - right into the measuring vessel? And where do you buy a gauge? Don't say ebay as the lovely Mrs Jones already spends enough time and money on that. This challenge needs serious thought especially if it involves someone in Porthcawl, South Wales, being willing to participate and being honest. I must know someone who fits the bill. Still enjoying the site if not the weather. We have visitors this week who have been visiting Treligga every year for over 50 years in the case of the wife so it can't all be bad weather.
From: Rod Keat, St Teath     Posted: 10-07-07 9:38 am
Re: Weather
John Jones’ comments on rainfall have prompted me to order a rain gauge. Rain is topical and we’ll have a daily report on St Teath rainfall on the website – and compare it with South Wales and perhaps even Treligga! John, I’m throwing down the gauntlet!
From: Simon Keat, Liverpool     Posted: 08-07-07 7:08 pm

Excellent site, very clear and easy to navigate, good work. It almost makes me want to trek the length of the country to visit
From: John Jones, Treligga     Posted: 04-07-07 6:42 pm
I don't go into confrontation so don't take this seriously. However, the delightful locals in Treligga and regulars at the White Hart all tried to tell me I wouldn't be seeing as much rain as in South Wales when we moved about five years ago. You liars. I'm doing my best to talk to and protect my veg plants in windy Treligga but it is hard. And why does the sun appear over Treligga when it is too late for heavy gardening and just about time for the first glass of wine?
From: Helen Simpson (Nee Crosley), Ellon Aberdeenshire     Posted: 02-07-07 7:42 pm
Well done St Teath what a fantastic site! It really keeps the village I love near to me. I am looking forward to coming down to see you all again in two weeks time. My Grandpa would have been very proud of this site! A good example to us all!
From: Rod, St Teath     Posted: 19-06-07 6:10 pm
Just checking that comments are coming through.
From: Lorraine Thomas (nee Kingdon), Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset     Posted: 27-05-07 9:55 pm

Having attended St.Teath Primary School, worked in the corner shop (many moons ago!),and got married in the church in 2004, it is lovely to see a great website celebrating the wonderful community that St. Teath is. Long may it continue.
From: Conni Narraway, St.Teath     Posted: 20-05-07 12:08 pm
Grass cutting
Looking forward till the next Grass Cutting Evening on the 5th of June, can almost taste the reward pint we have afterwards in the White Hart, so come on girls, surely I cant be only girl, that knows how to use a lawnmover or a strimmer, please prove me wrong, and come along on the 5th
From: Gerald Blewett, Trelill     Posted: 19-05-07 7:41 pm
Grass cutting
Great evening had by all both old & young, even more next time please the more there is the more time we spend in the White Hart!!!!!!
From: Julie and Alex Bailey, Treveighan, St Teath     Posted: 16-05-07 2:59 pm
Great website, will enjoy regular St Teath updates and let you know of any news that we could add.
From: Melissa Narraway, St.Teath and Brighton     Posted: 14-05-07 9:08 pm

This site makes me homesick.
From: John Jones, Treligga     Posted: 14-05-07 10:01 am
new web page
This is excellent and I look forward to its further development. My edition of the local paper failed last week to give me the local election results - the site succeeded where the paper failed. And I now know a lot more about the famous clock. Well done.
From: Chris, Delabole Village webmaster     Posted: 09-05-07 9:04 am
New Website
Proper Job. All the local village webmasters now need to review their efforts to join the new look in village websites. St Teath has been done proud.
From: Alison, London     Posted: 07-05-07 1:02 pm
St Teath's new website
A great website for a beautiful Cornish village.Hopefully the pictures and information will persuade visitors that St Teath has a lot to offer and is the perfect place to get away from it all in Cornwall.
From: Vicky, Pentewan     Posted: 02-05-07 6:22 pm
What a truly excellent website. I wish our village was lucky enough to have such a useful and well designed site.
From: Gavriel and Alison, London     Posted: 14-04-07 9:28 pm

very nice site excellent and looks really professional.
From: Rod, St Teath     Posted: 13-04-07 4:17 pm
This website is currently under development, but the skeleton of the site is in place - please have a look around and add any comments you feel appropriate.
From: Rod, st teath     Posted: 11-04-07 11:23 pm
First test comment