Celebrating in Style

Blitz Evening - a Roaring Success

14 January 2012

The snarl of a Spitfire overhead heralded the start of one of the most enjoyable and entertaining evenings ever held in the village. Hosted by the St Teath Village Community Bus Association, the St Teath Blitz Night was a celebration to mark the closing of the Bus Renewal Fund which had been raising money for exactly one year. A new community bus has now been ordered and its delivery in early March is eagerly awaited.

A full house of guests attended, resplendent in costumes ranging from an RAF officer dressed in mess kit to elegant ladies dressed to thrill. In addition, there were soldiers, sailors, nurses and at least one gentleman of dubious reputation attempting to off- load a few black market goodies.

Pianist extraordinaire, Mr Alan Dawe, welcomed everyone with songs and melodies from the Forties until to an ear splitting roar, the sound of a Spitfire at full throttle, introduced Neville Chamberlain's speech heralding war. BUT were the people down hearted? Certainly not. Instead they were treated to a Black Market dinner served up by a very dubious looking range of ladies led by 'Fag Ash Lil'. Corned Beef Square, Sausage Casserole, Cottage Pie and Meatless Pie were on offer and despite repeated interruptions from two very troublesome Air Raid wardens plus blackouts and air raids; food disappeared off plates faster than it could be served.

Alan Dawe
Cassie Bosqets
4 to the bar

Goodbyes were said to a number of service men and women who were off to fight and of course the Home Guard had to rear its bumbling head as a squad of willing ‘volunteers’ were put through their paces by the daftest sergeant ever to grace the village.

Following an equally magnificent spread of puddings, guests were entertained by Mr Alan Dawe who led a sing along session and Cassie Bosqets who had the audience entranced by her beautiful voice as she sang a selection of war time classic songs. The floor was then opened for dancing led by 4 to the Bar, three very talented musicians (number four has just had a baby) who kept the Forties theme going and the dance floor full.

As always, these evenings stand or fall by the quality of the help given. The committee thank Hester Warman, Marion Cooper and Moyna Fox who shouldered the task of providing the fantastic food, Norman Street managed the bar and all things financial, Rod Keat conjured up all kinds of sound and light effects. Thanks also go to the various performers especially Alan, Bob and Elaine who wrote, organised and performed the script for the evening. Thanks also to the many other people who helped in any way to make this a night to remember.

Words: Bob Fox      Photos: adrianjasperphotography.co.uk