From time to time we get requests for information about people who may have had relations living in the St Teath area, or where there is a wider connection with the village - see below. Some information to help with historical research related to St Teath is located on this page.

Perhaps the most comprehensive account of the history of St Teath area up to late C19 is by Sir John MacLean - The Parochial and Family History of the Deanery of Trigg Minor in the County of Cornwall. - Part 12 : St. Teath and Temple London: Nichols & Sons, 1876. Available at Wadebridge Library.

The St Teath Parish Registers 1558 - 1845, records of Births Marriages and Deaths, have been transcribed by W L Bawden. This book is at the County Records Office, Truro.

Resources on this site

*These lists are not complete because of undecypherable/broken memorials or removal/loss of memorials


Online Parish Clerks'(OPC) database

Coverage on the OPC website, 2012

Baptisms 1558 - 1911 (very early entries from Bawden's transcripts)
Banns 1754 - 1812 and 1852 - 1910
Marriages 1558 - 1910
Phillimore Marriage Index 1558 - 1812
Marriages at St. John the Evangelist's Church, Delabole 1898 - 1908
Burials 1558 - 1911 (very early entries from Bawden's transcripts)

Also on the OPC website are non-conformist circuits that contain St. Teath names :
Camelford United Wesley Free Church baptisms 1863 - 1897
Camelford & Wadebridge United Wesleyan Free Church baptisms 1898 - 1911
Michaelstow Bible Christian Circuit baptisms 1822 - 1884
Camelford Bible Christian Baptisms 1884 - 1915
Camelford, Chapel Street Wesleyan Methodist burials 1805 - 1911
Camelford Wesleyan Circuit baptisms 1801-1830 and 1837 - 1876

Other databases of interest on the database include:
Muster 1569
Protestation Returns of 1641
Hearth Tax of 1664
Voters Lists for 1851/52 - 1852/53 - 1856/57 - 1864/65
The website has a Wills section and transcriptions are gratefully received.

This data can be viewed here. To see all the entries for St. Teath in any database just key in Teath, St. Earlier entries, when they are completed, will be posted on the database also.

GENUKI is a genealogical site with more information on St Teath Parish which has links to FreeCEN, which is what it says it is, a free census index.

Catherine Lorigan's Book, Connections - Aspects of the History of North Cornwall has information about the Wills of St Teath Parish and Migration from Cornwall - Martyn and Yeo families

Requests for Information

Please go to Contact us when your request will be posted here. If you want your email address to be public it will be included here with your request. If you don't want your email address to be public, indicate this, then any response will have to go via the webmaster.

From: Christopher Case - Trying to locate my St. Teath birthplace. Respond to cmcase@gmail.com.

I'm told I was born in 1943 at The Manor House, St. Teath. My parents were not native Cornish, but my mother and sisters were there to be safe from the war while my father, Dr. Ralph Case, served in the RAF. If anyone knows anything about this house, I'd really appreciate seeing a photo.

From: Gillian Payne - respond by email

I am now tracing my family tree, but am stuck on my great grandmother, Evalina Jane Tonkin (nee Haynes) death. She was born in 1871, married Thomas Tonkin in 1891, had 10 children, and lived in St Teath all her life. Philippa (Online Parish Clerk) said her death may be registered in Truro, so she may have moved away for her last years. I have spent a day in St Teath, talking to local people, and visiting your churchyard, and sampling your lovely local pub. Do you think you could possibly help me out, as to where she may be buried? I would be so grateful.

From: Richard Hewitt - respond to rhewitt48@yahoo.co.uk

I wonder if anyone can help me please. I am traceing my Cornish family a 4 times great grandfather name of John Bray his wife was called Annie (nee May) they lived on High Lane but at the moment I am struggling to find where High Lane is in St Teath can you help me I would be greatful, thank you. ---- Richard Hewitt

From: Eline Boenders - respond by email

I'm looking for information about the Bake family. Robert Rankine Bake (born 1790) was my great great great great grandfather. His grandfather was the owner of the Delabole slate quarry. I would like to know who were the parents of Robert Rankine Bake. Any other information is welcome!! ----Eline Boenders

From: Robert Grant - respond at email

Researching Cobbledick family of St Teath and the Kernick family of Tintagel. Would love contact from anyone with the same interest. I am the GG Grandson of James William Kernick b1822 Tintagel and Elizabeth Cobbledick b 1828 St Teath.

From: Scott Phillips Posted: 19-07-11 - Respond at OnwardToOurPast@gmail.com

Hello St. Teath and beyond! I am tracing my PHILLIPPS family roots in St. Teath. So far I begin with Nicholas Phillipps (*1585) and his son Nicholas (*1610 - +1688) married to Philippa Symon Phillipps (*1612 - +1680). I would welcome anyone working on Phillipps or Phillips family from St. Teath to contact me, please. Cheers, Scott Phillips

From: Elsie Ritchie, Australia. Posted: 21-09-09 - Respond at Contact us

I am trying to find the baptism of a child called Peggy probably real name Margaret, born in St Teath in 1815. She married a John Strathon a shipwright about 1838/39 and she herself died in 1855. Her second eldest son was called Elijah Thomas Strathon. Can you help?

John Strathon married Peggy Oliver at Stoke Damerel in 1839. Peggy Oliver was baptised St Teath 24 Feb 1816, dau of Matthew and Peggy. ----Joy Langdon

From: Val Strickland - respond at email

I wonder if anyone can help me with a query. In 1910, 7 male members of my family died. Was there a disaster at the slate mine or some kind of epidemic? Or was it pure coincidence? Any ideas, please.

From: Denise, Exmouth, Posted: 04-08-09 - Respond at Contact us

Oliver family. Hi all.I have just viewed the 1901 census and have found my great great grandparents Emma and Henry Oliver .At the time of this census they had 4 children John , Lilian , Samuel and William (my great grandfather).Please if anyone has any info on them please can you let me know.Thanks

From: Lavinia Hemingway, Est Leake, Loughborough, Leics. Posted: 24-07-09 - Respond at Contact us

JEFFRY & DUNGEY I am trying to trace my friends anscestors who were living at Medrose St.Teath in 1922. The only information I have is from a birth certificate of their son Frederick, John, Jeffry who was born on the 18th May 1922 and that their names were Nathan Jeffry who married Dorothy Dungey. Nathan Jeffry was a Rockman at the Delabole Slate Quarry. I would be very happy to receive any information about the Jeffry or Dungey family if anyone out there can help. Thankyou.

From Ross Jackson, New Zealand - respond at Contact us

My Ancestor (William Trane Pellow) lived in St Teath with his parents & sisters (1841 Census (3yrs old) & 1851 Census (13yrs old)) and came out to NZ a few years later.(1858)

His Mother, Isabella died (presumably) between 1851 and 1858, as only his father (William) and two sisters (Isabella and Elizabeth) came to NZ.

In 1851, they lived at No 2 Delamer Down? Which presumably has long gone.

I'd be interested if anyone knows the location of the above street, and also if anyone knows where his mother is buried?(Isabella Pellow) 37 yrs in 1851, and may have died around 1857 aged 43? or thereabouts. We'll be visiting the UK in May 2009 and hope to get to St Teath. ----Ross Jackson

From: Val Strickland - respond at email

Hello all, I am researching my Prout family and I would like to know if there are any descendants of John Prout, still living in the St Teath area. He was born c 1773, and married Phillipa Davy in St Teath in 1795. He was my G G G Grandfather. I am having SO much trouble finding any of his siblings. Is there anyone out there who has any knowledge of his family? Any help would be very gratefully received.
Best regards,
Val. ----Val Strickland (nee Prout)

Hello everyone,
I wonder if there is anyone visiting this site who is descended from the Langdon family? My G Grandmother was Eliza Langdon, born c 1869 in St Teath. She was the daughter of James Langdon and Eliza Honey. If anyone thinks they can help me with my family research, would they please get in touch? Any help at all would be very much appreciated. Best regards,
Val. ----Val Strickland

From: Damien Paton, Hove, East Sussex email
My name is Damien Paton and i really need your help.I have been given your website by Chris Hore who does the Delabole website, the reason for this is that i am trying to find someone who might remember my father, i know it is a long shot but my father was the Rev Ian Fisher Paton who was at the church from 21st October 1962 to i think 1965/66. He met and married my mother in 1964 and i was born while they was at the parsanage in 1965. Sadly i have found out that my father died in 1995 before i was able to meet him as the last time i saw him was when i was 3 (im now 42).I have no idea what he looked like so i am trying to find someone who would remember him or if the church has any records of him or at least an old picture as i really need to know about him and what he looked like.I know it will be difficult as he would have been 94 this year. I hope that you and your readers might be able to help. My father was at St John the Evangalist and St Teath or is it spelt St Tetha. Thank you Damien Paton, (42)

From: mike, adelaide, south australia, email
I spent two and a half years doing some reseacrch into old north cornish churches, with a view of trying to bring to peoples attention the plight of many of them. The project is still ongoing. I intend puting up a website, when I acn get some help. i would be grateful of any old photos or any information I can add to my work. I spent many a happy hour in the village and of course the pub. You are so lucky If the chance of employment in the area ever comes up, my family and I are returning for keeps. I have travelled all over the world and NO WHERE has the beauty of North Cornwall and your village.I think your Vicat is new to me, please tell him (if he is aware of my project) I am still working on it. Please can someone give me information on the roof repairs.I love your site and I will visit it each week to remind me of the smells, the atmosphere and the great people I met in and around St Teth, and your beautiful Church. thank you for keeping my memories alive. Mike Ogden. Anyone who wants to write, please do so

From: Alan Mutton - respond at Contact us
Hi, I have just traced my great grandfather Elijah Mutton as being born in St Teath around 1855.It would appear he then moved up to Cumbria and is classed as a slate river!I would like to know if he was a miner down in Cornwall and if his parents were born in St Teath.I am planning to visit soon and any info would be greatly appreciated.

John Bray, Canada - respond at Contact us
My gggrandfather was born at Treburgett, worked at Tregawn farm and married at Michaelstow before coming to Canada in 1850. Four brothers also went to the slate belt in Pennsylvania to work the slate there. The family also lived at Trevia near Lanteglos by Camelford for some years. I'm very interested in the St Teath area.

Wendy Bennett - respond at Contact us
Hello! Excellent website, by the way. My great-great-grandmother Emily Fry was allegedly born in St Teath around 1865 - 70. Am having difficulty finding evidence, however, and would appreciate info from anyone who knows anything from the 'old' history of St Teath. Thanks so much!
I know where Emily Fry is buried (she married Richard Dale and they are buried in Lanteglos churchyard). But I know nothing about her early life. If you find her father William Fry amongst the gravestones in St Teath, that would give me lots more info. I visited the graveyard early in 2006 and looked, but we were quite rushed at the time, so may have missed him (or he may be elsewhere).

See also the Comments page.