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Broadband in St Teath

Fibre cable in North Road and Treroosal Road

7 September 2013

North Road has been trenched as far as the school and Treroosal Road for about 300 yards for the installation of fibre broadband cable inside 100 mm pipe. The school and Tethadene area should have really fast broadband connection, better than was expected from the cabinet to be installed in Trehannick Road. Possibly two more months to be connected up.

Broadband - help needed for Research Project

16 January 2013

Superfast broadband rollout delayed for St Tudy exchange

21 August 2012

Superfast Cornwall was expecting the St Tudy exchange to be connected in April 2012, but now it is April 2013, and still no word about fibre to the cabinet in Trehannick Road. A planning application has however been made for a new cabinet at Rockhead, Delabole connecting to the Camelford (01840) exchange. Looking at rollout dates on the website, it seems that much of North Cornwall has been put to the bottom of the pile - no surprise then.

East Cornwall communities set to benefit from superfast broadband three months early

4 November 2011

Liskeard, Callington, Launceston, Dobwalls, Bude, Kilkhampton, Marhamchurch (near Widemouth Bay), Drakewalls (near Gunnislake) and North Hill (near Coads Green) to get upgrade by December. .

The Big Build includes the laying of 130,000 kilometres of optical fibre, the upgrading of 100 telephone exchanges and the installation of about 500 new green roadside cabinets - hopefully St Teath might get one of these

Broadband problems

6 October 2011

On some mornings recently you may have been able to receive email but not send it. Also many websites, for example the BBC news site, have not been accessible.

These problems stem not from normal (slow) download speeds, but from no upload capacity at all - the reason you cannot send email. Many websites require a response from your computer, the reason why Amazon, for example, remembers what you were interested in by leaving 'cookies' on your computer. If they cannot get a response the website is not displayed. Rest assured that the St Teath website is not designed to leave cookies or anything else on your computer, so upload speeds have no bearing on how fast you can view it.

We don't know why this is occuring - it usually disappears by afternoon - have you tried talking to BT?

Superfast Cornwall

27 May 2011

The plans for the roll-out of 'superfast' broadband in Cornwall were announced today. The St Tudy exchange will be connected by autumn 2012. Anyone who lives close to an exchange like St Tudy or Camelford will see much improved speeds, but it looks as though St Teath and Delabole will still be struggling.

Superfast Cornwall

15 April 2011

There is more information about the delivery of the broadband upgrade on the rather smart Superfast Cornwall website here. They report that all 99 exchanges in Cornwall will be upgraded to 'superfast' broadband (24 Mbps) as part of the project. The coverage is now stated as 80% (down from the 90% in initial press releases). Eight exchanges have so far been enabled - mainly in West Cornwall. You could sign up on this website to be kept 'in the loop' - at least it would show we are concerned about the very poor deal consumers get in this area.

Make no mistake - access to a decent broadband service could affect the value of your property.

Speed caps

10 April 2011

I recently complained to our isp that download speeds had dropped to a pathetic 0.2 Mbps. After going through the usual hoops and testing, the isp reps eventually said they would turn up the speed to about 1 Mbps - and sure enough they did - which seems to scotch our earlier suggestion (see below) that speed caps don't affect us. Thanks to everyone who added their speed to the table below - please keep them coming. Rod

Broadband boost for Cornwall

30 September 2010

A super-fast broadband connection to 90% of homes in Cornwall was announced today with funding from the EU and BT. It is not clear if 90% will include St Teath - probably the best we can hope for is a fibre-optic cable to the pavement cabinet in Trehannick Road, which could easily boost speeds by 10 times what is available today (see below). A recent report revealed that the average broadband speed in the UK stands at 6.4 Mbps (megabits per second) - more than 5 times what most of us in the village are getting.

More details of the St Tudy exchange can be seen here.

Broadband - St Teath in the slow lane?

7 July 2009

The heights of the blue/red vertical bars reflect broadband download speeds in St Teath. The range is quite striking with some homes getting speeds more than 10 times faster than others. Please can we have more results, see below. Measure and record your speed here.

Broadband download speeds...

... are measured in
Kilo bits/sec, Kbps,
or Mega bits/sec, Mbps
where 1000 Kbps = 1 Mbps

Typical download speeds are always less than that quoted by your internet service provider (ISP) and upload speeds generally lower again.

With a download speed of 1 Mbps, the upload speed (e.g. for sending emails or documents/photos) will be 0.3- 0.4 Mbps.


Have you found that internet page downloads are slow and that video clips from the popular YouTube website or the BBC iPlayer are punctuated by irritating delays? These problems arise because we are close to the maximum distance the broadband signal can be transmitted over ordinary copper wires from the nearest exchange at St Tudy. Anyone with an 01208 850XXX or 01208 851XXX telephone number is connected to this exchange (X is a digit, zero to 9).

Telephone subscribers in St Teath have the unfortunate distinction of being the farthest sizeable community from the St Tudy exchange, a distance of about 3 miles as the crow flies, but considerably more following the path of the wires. While broadband download speeds of about 8 Mbps are possible in St Tudy, on average they appear to be around 1 Mbps in St Teath. At the other end of the parish, Delabole gets a better deal with some download speeds up to 3 Mbps because of a connection to the Camelford exchange(01840 numbers). Generally you will pay the same for a given tariff whether you can get 8 Mbps or 0.8 Mbps

Postcodes in St Teath - last two digits circled

The government is committed to ensuring that everyone in the country has access to broadband speeds of at least 2 Mbps by 2012 and a recent national poll showed that 70% of the population now consider broadband to be vital to their lives.

The Taylor Review of the Rural Economy and Affordable Housing, commissioned by the Prime Minister and published late July 2008, states that while "Growth in the proportion of knowledge intensive business services between 1998 and 2005 - largely reliant on ICT infrastructure - has increased by 46 per cent in rural areas compared to 21 per cent in urban areas" the performance of broadband in rural areas is markedly poorer than that in urban locations. While the Taylor Review is calling for urgent action, BT announcements indicate that the only way this will happen is through public sector financial intervention.

Unless you know better, we cannot even get the suggested minimum of 2 Mbps (2000 Kbps), but to get a better idea of how speeds vary we would like you to measure your download speed and record it below, along with the last 2 digits of your postcode. All St Teath postcodes have the format PL30 3XY, where X and Y are non-numeric characters. For example, The Square is PL30 3JT, so JT is sufficient to give us the general location in St Teath. Speeds can then be related to the geographic areas.

Measuring download speeds - St Teath area only please

Please use this website to measure the download speed, which takes about two minutes. Then enter the speed and the last two characters of your postcode in the boxes below.
Speeds are measured in Kbps, where 1000 Kbps = 1 Mbps

Speed Kbps       Last 2 characters of your postcode      
If you'd like to comment on your result, or the speed in another postcode area, please email


speed Kbps
Postcode Download
speed Kbps
670 PL30 3JZ472 PL30 3LQ
352 PL30 3LF2800 PL30 3LS
1008 PL30 3JX1576 PL30 3JF
1960 PL30 3LQ296 PL30 3JB
448 PL30 3LA472 PL30 3JS
1376 PL30 3LF960 PL30 3JY
1040 PL30 3JU208 PL30 3JS
456 PL30 3JZ1064PL30 3JX
968 PL30 3LQ1432 PL30 3LQ
968 PL30 3LJ1688 PL30 3JA
224 PL30 3LH768 PL30 3LT
1688 PL30 3LF880 PL30 3LF
112 PL30 3JZ1400 PL30 3LF
1400 PL30 3LF1448 PL30 3LF
480 PL30 3JF456 PL30 3LQ
Resultsbelowfrom late2010
2376 PL30 3LF980 PL30 3JZ
1895 PL30 3LT920 PL30 3LH
1936 PL30 3LQ488 PL30 3LT
1126 PL30 3JZ1208 PL30 3LJ
720 PL30 3JZ480 PL30 3LT
2264 PL30 3LQ472 PL30 3LA
408 PL30 3JB1668 PL30 3JF
1696 PL30 3JF1216 PL30 3JT
1652 PL30 3JZ976 PL30 3JZ
728 PL30 3JT1688 PL30 3JF
472 PL30 3LJ1500 PL30 3JZ
1589 PL30 3JZ128 PL30 3LS**
1208 PL30 3LA84 PL30 3LF**
1504 PL30 3JZ1360 PL30 3JE
0.2 PL30 3LF***1300 PL30 3EZ
0.9 PL30 3LF900 PL30 3LT
1 PL30 3\\

*** this is probably 200 Kbps - still very slow - see above. Most speed tests would barely register 0.2 Kbps.

**suggest you try again - your neighbours are getting more than 10X this

Average download speed from earlier results (see break above) = 969 Kbps

Average download speed from later results (see break above) = 1058 Kbps

2,800 Kbps for PL30 3LS checked twice - amazing!

*Thank you PL30 3PG, who reported a download speed of 6,400 Kbps. This makes us envious, but it is in St Tudy, close to the exchange. I have had to remove this result from the table because it boosts the real St Teath average. Rod

If your download speed is much less than the average above it may be worth checking whether your router or broadband modem is connected to the master (main) telephone socket in the house. If not, try it. Some routers are a little faster than others, but the main factor is the quality of your telephone line. Caps on download speeds are unlikely to influence the results - but maybe they do - see recent updates at top of this page.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband is becoming increasingly popular in many areas of the UK. It has the advantage that the user is no longer tied to a fixed line telephone or has to be near a wifi hotspot and makes use of mobile phone providers' 3G networks. Typically, a small device called a dongle will be plugged into a laptop to connect to the service. Unfortunately, St Teath is still at a disadvantage for a check on this website reveals that at best a connection might be obtained outdoors on 3 or T-mobile networks only. Coverage is increasing all the time so it's worth checking, particularly if you need internet access when mobile and don't want to download a lot of data.

The Future

What we need
- optical fibre cable
to St Teath

BT pavement box
in St Teath

Based on the results above we have contacted our local MP, Dan Rogerson. He has elicited a letter from BT which you can read here. It doesn't look as though any improvements are likely in the near future, especially since the letter didn't even address problems in our area. Unfortunately, there seems to be little that can be achieved in the short term, or even get the government's stated minimum standards by 2012. If you live very near the uninspiring BT pavement box in Trehannick Road you might be lucky to get 1 Mbps

Finally, it is worth remembering that download speeds are dependent on the traffic that a website receives and the quality of the web host* connection to the internet.

*the company that holds the website information and connects it to the internet

See here for more information on local postcodes.