The White Hart Inn

Barry Burton celebrates 60 years at The White Hart

The pub was bursting at the seams on October 13th, 2012 when landlord Barry Burton celebrated no less than 60 years at the White Hart. The pub has an excellent reputation, especially for food and is often at the heart of social life and fundraising events in the village. Congratulations to Barry.

Christmas and New Year 2010

Have Barry and his staff excelled themslves decorating the The White Hart Inn again for 2010? Judge for yourself from new photos below.

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See website for more details of Christmas menus etc. The outside photos are similar to 2009 below. There is a short You Tube video of the interior 'Tin foil pub' here


All dressed up for Christmas and New Year 2009

What a display! Barry and his staff have been very busy decorating the popular The White Hart Inn inside and out, making it look welcoming and festive.

Many thanks to John Mottram for these photos

Wi-Fi at The White Hart

Have you have noticed that The White Hart now has Wi-Fi access to the internet? Maybe not, but it has quietly been rolled out bringing St Teath into a world previously dominated by coffee shops like Starbucks. Even better than coffee shops and many hotels which charge upwards of £5 per hour to use it, access is free at The White Hart. Ask at the bar for the password you'll need.

What is Wi-Fi?

A Wi-Fi service can connect computers (usually laptops) or some recent mobile phones to the internet via a device called an access point using wireless technology. The useful range from the access point is quite variable and depends on any intervening structures.

This service is most likely to be of interest to visitors to the area who often travel with laptops and hope to keep up with their business interests, the latest news and/or use email.

Privacy is an important consideration with Wi-Fi because any laptop can potentially access files on another laptop when they are both connected to the same access point. See here for some handy tips on wireless security. Make sure that a firewall is turned on and folders (in Windows) are not 'shared' or marked like this

Now you can find out all about St Teath while enjoying a drink at The White Hart. To find out more about the pub, visit the website here.