We use the popular filestore service Dropbox because of limited space on our webserver. As it is, issues of Timepiece take up more than half of our 1 Gbyte space allocation. Dropbox and similar services like Microsoft's Skydrive or Apple iCloud are generally referred to as 'Cloud' services and offer free, but limited, storage space online to consumers. Dropbox is particularly easy to use and gives 2 Gbytes free, or more if you introduce someone else to the service. For security, Dropbox folders are accessed via a user account, but you can also designate a 'public' folder and this is what we have done here.

Your IP address

What is it?

It is a unique number or address assigned to your router/modem by your internet service provider (BT, Orange etc) so that you can communicate with others on a world wide computer network. It is called an Internet Protocol standard (IP) and in most cases will change when you reconnect to the internet, for example by switching your router/modem off and on again. Find out more here.

St Teath and Delabole Oil Buying Consortium

This free service is always ready to welcome new members. The more heating oil orders (minimum delivery 200 litres) the better the discount we can negotiate. Our next order date will be 5th December 2010 please inform us of your requirements by the fourth at the latest. Please remember the next order will not be until 5th February 2011.

Contact Jennifer Tidd on 01208 850763 email: jennytidd@yahoo.com

Smartphones 2010

Increasingly, people are browsing the web on smartphones such as the Apple iphone and the phones based on Google's Android system. We've taken the first step to help by offering a facility to browse the home page news items in an easily accessable way (see home page). It was relatively easy to do this for these short summaries, but would be very time consuming to extend it to other content and indeed would anyone want to read longer items on a small screen?

Website Design Changes 2008

You may have noticed that the Home page has been changed. It is an attempt to make the layout clearer and to better accommodate the increasing use of Firefox browser over Internet Explorer. A diary 'ticker' display has now been added as a quick reminder of the month's activities. More page changes will follow. Comments welcome.

Spam is the bane of most websites that allow users the opportunity to comment without a login. In allowing this, our website is a constant target for so-called automated spamming and we have logged attempts, apparently from Russian sources almost daily. They usually try to promote websites that are best avoided. The source of connections can often be identified by logging heir internet protocol (ip) address, which is a group of up to 12 digits. We continue to try to block these attempts.

Comments deletion

If you tried to submit a comment, you may have noticed that the result was to add yours and wipe most comments out. This was due to coding error which has been cleared, but any newline or tab entries you made will not now appear. 25.9.2007

Broadband Internet Access

The enabling of broadband internet access in the village in 2005 from the St Tudy exchange has brought new possibilities for distributing local news and information.

St Tudy Exchange
St Tudy Exchange

While it should be possible for all households in St Teath to receive broadband, it is all too easy to have problems when setting up your connection for the first time ...


1. Internet providers. It is almost impossible to know which to recommend. Your choice may also be influenced by mobile phone services available from the same provider. Have a look at www.broadband.co.uk

Dog waits to logon

2. If you have a modern computer, get a broadband modem/router (not router only) rather than a USB-type broadband modem usually supplied by internet service providers. They cost about £30 upwards and provide good firewall protection which the USB device does not. If the need arises, you can then connect more than one computer to the internet or share files between the computers.

3. Wireless connections. Many routers of the type referred to above now incorporate a wireless access point. This is particularly useful when you have a laptop, for a wireless link generally allows a connection to the internet throughout your home without the constraint of wires. You should always ensure that the connection is encrypted, particularly if you live close to other properties. This requires a simple adjustment on the router and laptop and provides a good degree of protection against others using your internet connection, or perhaps worse, looking at files on your computer(s).

Web browser problems

This website should appear normally in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE versions 6 and 7), but if you use Mozilla Firefox or another browser you may notice occasional unexpected effects like text misalignment. We are trying to get rid of these inconsistencies, but have to be sure that things appear as intended in IE because it has by far the greatest number of users. Unfortunately, Microsoft is a law unto itself and it is IE which does not conform to the rules that others like Firefox, Safari(on Apple), Opera and most recently Google Chrome follow.