St Teath Land Tax 1799

The tax was based on the value of property and paid by the owner. Valuations were done in 1692.

Data kindly supplied by and copyright Philippa Stout. No claim to the accuracy of the data is made

No. Of RegisterProprietors SurnameProprietor's Forename(s)Occupier SurnameOccupier Forename(s)Address/Tenement Name£sdDate of ContractTranscriber's Notes
WILLIAMS, Revd.Rd.BakeRt.Vicarage660-
60816BAKERobt.SelfLanagan110028Dec 1799-
BAKERobt.Self0100Occupier - late Cudlipps
68769BAKERobt.Selfpt of Adam's03018 Octr-
58769BAKERobt.Self03218 OctrOccupier - late Saml. Bakes
58768BAKERobt.SelfBeconpark0418 Octr-
58768BAKERobt.Self0318 OctrOccupier - late Popes
58771CAMELFORD, Ld.SelfBeef? Park018418 OctrReprs. of Ld. Camelford
58768CRADDOCKJno.SelfPt of Hendra02618 Octr-
CRADDOCKJno.SelfHaymans park098-
58769WORTHEliz.SelfLittle Moonpark044 18 Octr-
ROUNSWELLJno.Self080Occupier - late Porters
58768BAKERobt.SelfPt of Mays048 18 Octr-
58769CAMELFORD, LordBANT, Jr.Jno.Moores Park060 18 OctrReprs. of Lord Camelford
58770MALENichs.SelfWillpark0160 18 Octr-
58770MALENichs.SelfRoughpark140 18 Octr-
58770BENNETTCUDLIPGeoMuffils050 18 Octr-
58768FURSDEN, Mr.HOCKINJno.Travennon2168 18 Octr-
FURSDEN, Mr.HOCKINJno.Beels Bodeveen118-
58770FURSDEN, Mr.HOCKINJno.Dannond Down038 18 Octr-
FURSDEN, Mr.HOCKINJno.Meanpark068-
58770WATTSR.SelfHendrapark1130 18 Octr-
WATTSR.SelfHigh Denabroad098-
PHILLIPPS, MissSelfBeals Denabroad016824-Jun-
57189PHILLIPPS, MissSelfAnr. pt. of Denabroad04824-Jun-
58770CAMELFORD, LordSelf [ ? ] Denadozel01810 18 OctrReprs. of Lord Camelford.
58770CAMELFORD, LordSelfBonneys0106 18 OctrReprs. of Lord Camelford.
58770WATTSR.Self096 18 OctrOccupier - late Fords
58770WATTSR.SelfTwick's Tenement.060 18 Octr-
58769WATTSR.SelfTenemt. in St Teath028 18 OctrJoint Occupiers - R. Watts & Moses Amy
58769WATTSR.AMYMosesTenemt. in St Teath028 18 OctrJoint Occupiers - R. Watts & Moses Amy
LION, MrBAKERobt.Tythes Sheap500Occupier - Robt. Bake & Co.
58770BROWNJno.SelfTregardock268 18 Octr-
58770PHILIPM.Self0160 18 OctrReprs. of M Philp. Occupier - late Hockins
58770BROWNJno.SelfTwo Tribbys1811 18 Octr-
58768BROWNJno.SelfTreliggo21210 18 Octr-
58770CAMELFORD, LordPHILPRichd.Justments & Rowe ?0160 18 OctrReprs. of Lord Camelford
CAMELFORD, LordJno.BROWNJno.Treveala's0160Join Proprietors - Reprs. of Lord Camelford & Jno. Brown
BROWNJno.SelfTreveala's0160Join Proprietors - Reprs. of Lord Camelford & Jno. Brown
BONEARMosesSelfpt of Adams [?] Mays032-
BONEARMosesSelfAnr. pt of Adams [?] Mays048-
BONEARMosesSelfPengelly 0190-
BONEARMosesSelfPrests Parks080-
58770PHILP, MrMEALChrisr.Tregardock1128 18 OctrProprietor - Reprs. of Mr Philp. Occupier - late Philps
58770PHILP, MrMEALChrisr.Tregannick200-
GILBARD, MrREICHTrekee268Joint Occupiers - Reich & Roskelly
GILBARD, MrROSKELLYTrekee268Joint Occupiers - Reich & Roskelly
BENNETT, MrREICH0120Joint Occupiers - Reich & Roskelly. Occupier - late Clarks
BENNETT, MrROSKELLY0120Joint Occupiers - Reich & Roskelly. Occupier - late Clarks
BANTJno.SelfSuffenton & Downs165-
BANTJno.Self020Occupier - late Hills
85118BANTJno.SelfTreroswell Stepmeadow020-
SNELLAnthy.BANT, Jr.Jno.Treroswell0130-
BANTJno.BANT, Jr.Jno.Physuiks Down025-
HENWOODThos.TEAGUERd058Occupier - late Bastards
58768BONNEYPeterHENWOODThos.Trevellien07018 Octr.-
DINHAMWm.HODGEJas.2110Occupier - late Pitts
58768PEARCEEdwd. F.MENHENNICKGeoLower Hendra3116 18 Octr-
58770PEARCEEdwd. F.MENHENNICKGeoDeerparks025 18 Octr-
PEARCEEdwd. F.MENHENNICKGeoJoses Tenements0147-
58768BAWDENHughLANGMANWm.Pt. of Treburgett1130 18 Octr-
58768BAWDENGilesSelfA[?]. pt. of Treburgett182 18 Octr-
BAWDENGilesSelfPt. of Purnory's0810-
CLARKFaro.COWLINNichs.A pt. of Turburgett308-
58770CAMELFORD, LordHAWKEThosFoxhole100 18 OctrReprs. of Lord Camelford
THOMAS, MrsSWEETThos.Medrose0160Repres. of Mrs Thomas
LANGRich.Self0150Occupier - Late Clarks
60816MARTYNJno.SelfNewhall 29828 Decr. 99-
MARTYNJno.SelfInch's Delymeer0160-
58770BROWNJno.SelfHock's Moonspark012018 Octr.-
58770MALEJno.SelfHigh Moonspark012018 Octr.-
MARTYNJno.Self103Occupier - Late Toms
MARTYNJno.SelfHigh Delynuth018-
58769MARTYNJno.Self12618 Octr.Occupier - late Ga[ ? ]ves
58769MARTYNJos.Self057 18 OctrOccupier - Late Mays
MARTYNJos.SelfPhills Delymere088-
58769MARTYNMosesSelfTreliggo40516/18 Oct.-
MARTYNMosesSelfLower Delynuth1910½-
HARRYThs.BASTARDPhilipTreliggo0130Occupier - Late Snears
MARTYNGeo.SelfHarris Delynuth018-
BROWNJackSelfTreligo0184Occupier - late Bunts
TRELAUNY, Esqr.L.TRAISEJ.Tenemt. in St Teath0120Joint Occupiers - J. Traise & T. Smith
TRELAUNY, Esqr.L.SMITHT.Tenemt. in St Teath0120Joint Occupiers - J. Traise & T. Smith
58769RUNDLEWm.OLIVERJno.Trebilly120 18 Octr-
LANEWm.SelfPt. of Mays0128-
PHILLIPPS Wm.SMARTThos.Medrose080-
THOMAS, MrsSWEETThos.Rockhead1160Reprs. of Mrs Thomas
58769BROWNSaml.SelfTreliggo 0154 18 Octr-
NORWAY, MrJENKINAnthy.Pengelly 05026 Apl-
SMITHThos.Self180Occupier - late Lobbs
58769CAMELFORD, LordOLIVERJno.Dena chaple10100 18 OctrReprs. of Lord Camelford
BAKEJno.SMITHRobt.Pt of Tynes010-
BETTESWORTH, MrsWAKEHAMThos.Delaboule1100-
WORTHR.BEERBenn.St Teath000-
BAKEJno.SMITHRobt.Pt of Tynes030-
CRADDOCKRd.SelfPt Hendra026-
LYNE, Revd. Mr.COWLINNs?High Suffenton & Hills426-
58769DUNGEYThos.TREMAINRobt.Nigh Mill140-
58769BATEWm.BATEHumpy.Nigh Mill020 18 Octr-
60816BROWNWm.KEATJno.Little Newhall08228 Dec 1799-
BROWNWm.BROWNJno.056Occupier - late Philp Brown
BLAKEJno.SelfBlakes Down026-
LIBBYThos.SelfA pt of Treroswell048-
MOLESWORTH, SirWm.CLEAVEThos.Trewiggett Down056Reprs. of Sir Wm Molesworth
58769RUNDLEWm.BROWNPhilipTregragon150 18 Octr-
58769BROWNWm.SelfTregragon122 18 Octr-
BENITHAMS, MrsSelfTregragon124-
WATTS, MrPHILPRdSt Teath150-
WATTS, MrBUNTElis,Pt of Adams040-
WATTS, MrBONEARThosLanagan110028-Dec-99-
60816LIBBYSymonMARTYNJno.Newhall Mill013628-Dec-99-
58769BILLINGBATEWm.Pt of Puromoys045 18 Octr-
58769CARTHEWEliz.BREWERJno. Ar. pt. of Puromoys069 18 Octr-
92653WALLISJno.ROUNSEVELBen0126Occupier - late Tavoners
BILLINGSaml.HOCKINJno.Anr pt. of ?050-
58769CAMELFORD, LordBATEWm.Commons082 18 OctrReprs. of Lord Camelford
58769LIBBYJno.BROWNJ[?]Treliggo0130 18 OctrReprs. of Jno Libby
GLYN, MrOLIVERJno.Trevilly & Parks0126-
HOCKIN, MrSWEET Thos.Quarry220Occupier - Ths. Sweet & Co.
BAKERobt.CUDLIPGeoQuarry1150Occupier - Geo Cudlip & Co,
MARTYNJno.SelfLangfords12822-Jun-99This entry is made after the final total