St Teath Parish Church Flower Festival 2008

This was yet another very successful festival with all proceeds going towards the upkeep of the church. Ingenious and thought provoking ways were used to portray flowers within the theme 'Historical Events'. The smell of flowers in the church was wonderful.

A comment on the festival would not be complete without a tribute to the ladies who provided a running service of meals/refreshments over the three days. The food was delicious and such good value for money.

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If a photograph of your exhibit is missing, or wrongly identified, please go to 'Contact' and let us know. It was easy to miss a contribution - if you can supply any of the photos that are missing, we'd be grateful.

MC = Member of Congregation


You can also view a video of the Festival on YouTube made by Frank Clemens here.

Frank also kindly supplied photos 17,23 and 24 that were missing.

1 Cornish Events - MC 2 Women's Right to Vote - Badminton Club
3 Fire of London - Bell Ringers 4 George and the Dragon
- St Teath Pre School
5 Invention of the Wheel - Drama Club 6 Drake and the Armada - MC
7 Armistice Day - Sequence Dancing Club 8 War of the Roses - Timepiece
9 First Telephone Line to India - MC 10 Ordination of Women Priests
in Truro - Mother's Union
11 First Ascent of Everest - Choir 12 Flora MacDonald - Parish Council
13 The Blitz - Flower Group 14 Shakepeare - MC
15 The Olympic Games - The White Hart 16 The Murdock Flyer - Community Bus
17 Ellen McArthur's Voyage - Women's Institute 18 First Moon Landing - School
19 Coronation of Elizabeth II - Community Centre 20 Sinking of the Titanic - Gardening Club
21 Gunpowder Plot - Football Club 22 First Woman Prime Minister - MC
23 St Tetha in Cornwall - Children's Workshop 24 Battle of Trafalgar - St Jude's Choir