St Teath Arts Festival 2012

25, 26 27 May, 10.30 am - 5 pm in St Teath Church and Hall

Exhibitors of Paintings, Sculpture and Crafts included

Helen Bull, Becky Dean, Margaret Chanter, Suzie Bishop, Nan Girling, Rosemary Grattan, David Mackenzie, Rosemarie Jeffrey, Jill Williamson, Carolyn Panter, Maureen Green, Nicole Colis, Ken Duxbury, Diane Garland, Belinda Walker, Danka Napiorkowska, Julia Prior, Barry Ofield, Roger Jardine, Barbara Wilmott, Edwin Simpson, William Isaacs, Cathy Stringer, Sue Strachan, Meg Weir, Jackie Henderson, Gay Loades-Carter, Gerald Lawson, Heather Sawin, Dinah Pepler and Celia Jayne. John Theobald gave a demonstration of woodturning.

On Saturday, 26th May, as part of the Festival, St Teath Church Choir was in concert with The Mini Minstrels, and Cassandra Bosdet. The concert was produced and directed by Alan Dawe.