St Teath Carnival 2011

Saturday 23 July 2011

Chair: Nicky Halford, tel 01208 851826    Vice Chair: Tina Dungey
Treasurer: Tracy Kitto    Secretary: Moyna Fox

The weather was kind to us and the people came out in their 100's !! We had visiting royalty from many local villages and towns and a brilliant variety of floats, tractors, trailers and vintage vehicles. Lots of children and their parents dressing up and joining in the fun, St Teath Pre-school were dressed as aliens and spacemen, while St Teath Primary dressed as pirates chanted "we want your money" !! Music was provided by the Drumba Samba Band and Camelford Town Band and the parade was led by the beautiful Pikna Shire Horses. It was a fantastic evening that ended with local duo 'The Wives Aren't Happy' entertaining us in The White Hart, a great time was had by all.

St Teath Carnival Committee would like to thank everyone who helped with all the jobs, big and small and for all the support in helping to raise the funds to make our carnival happen! Here's looking forward to next year!
Nicky Halford

Many thanks to Adrian Jasper and David Crosley for their photos.

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Photos: adrianjasperphotography..co.uk

Photos: David Crosley

Classes and Winners

1Walking child under 71st Spider man (Kevin Trewethy)
> 2nd Cinderella Fairy Godmother (Molly Davies)
3rd Pirate Oliver (Oliver Fanson)
2Walking child over 71st Peacock (Caitlin Colman)
2nd Pippi Longstocking (Hope Dingle)
3rd Lets Rumba (Charlotte Harris)
3Walking child pair under 7No entries
4Walking child pair over 71st A clone trooper and Yoda (Chloe and Jay Banks)
No 2nd or 3rd
5Best decorated handcart/wheelchair/bicycle/pram1st Gregory and Grommit on the move (Gregory Wilmot)
2nd Off to the Ball (Ryan wren and Gracie Wren-Marshall)
3rd Peppa Pig (William and Alexander Girdler)
6Group of children1st Under the Sea (Zac, Tegan and Holly)
2nd Space (St. Teath Pre School)
3rd Pirates (St. Teath Primary School)
7Walking single adultMount Rushmore- Abe, Lincoln, Idiot (Fernley Hatch)
No 2nd or 3rd
8Walking pair of adults1st Broadhurst Pirates (Ben and Sophie Broadhurst)
No 2nd or 3rd
9Riding single adultno entries
10Group of adultsno entries
11Walking group or club1st Drumba Samba Band
2nd Dr Who (Chris, Joseph, Jamie), No 3rd
12Artistic tableau1st The Owl and the Pussycat (Marie Shore and Ann Hopkins
2nd Pirates of Delphi (Helen, Haley, Callum, Sam, Ashley and Anna)
3rd Cornwall Air Ambulance (Tony Prideaux)
13Comedy tableau1st Sinful Sisters (Paul Piper and Co)
2nd Strongman (Bob Fox)
3rd Off on Holiday to Port Isaac (Mary Phillips)
14Trade float1st Flowers from Bruallen
2nd Western Supply
No 3rd
15Collector vintage car/vehicle/tractor1st Massey Ferguson 35 (Mary Phillips)
2nd 23T (John Clark)
3rd Tractor (F Thomas)
16Best visiting queen1st Delabole (Yasmin Woodward)
2nd Wadebridge (Annabel Cowling)
3rd St Tudy (Yasmin Miller)
17Best visiting queen's attendants1st Delabole (Lizzie Dungey, Katie Barrett)
2nd Wadebridge (Lydia Cowling)
3rd St Tudy (Amy Pearce, Lucy Charelis, Max Gould)
18Best visiting queen's group1st Delabole (Yasmin Woodward, Linsey Dungey, Katie Barrett)
2nd Wadebridge (Annabel and Lydia Cowling)
3rd St Tudy (Yasmin Miller, Amy Pearce, Lucy Charelis, Max Gould)
19Best visiting fairy queen1st Delabole (Niamh Binney)
2nd Camelford (Imogen Morris)
No 3rd
20Best visiting fairy attendants1st Delabole (Kaci Smith, Sophie Cousens)
2nd Camelford (Hannah Brewer, Caitlin Ginger)
No 3rd
21Best visiting fairy queen's group1st Delabole
2nd Camelford
No 3rd
22Best decorated royal carriage1st Delabole Carnival Group
2nd Wadebridge Carnival Group
3rd Delabole Fairy Group
23Best dressed collector1st Marge Simpson (Jo Barnecutt)
2nd Pirate (Jack Procter)
3rd Boxer (Tracy "wes" Hamilton)
24Best overall entry in Carnival1st Dela Sinful Sisters (Paul Piper and co)
2nd Marge Simpson (Jo Barnecutt)
3rd Broadhurst Pirates (Ben and Sophie Broadhurst)

Three Legged Race

22 July 2011

Photos: adrianjasperphotography.co.uk

Competitors in the 3 legged race
They're away!
Winners Andy Burden and Vicky

Village Quiz

20 July 2011

Photo: David Crosley

Free Village Quiz in aid of the new Community Bus with inset, Geoff Piper, representing the winning team

Cream Tea at Pencarey, with crowning of St Teath Royalty

17 July 2011

L>R Carnival attendants Alisha Weeks, Megan Fanson and Carnival Queen Emily Joy
aboard the steam train at St Teath station
Photo: adrianjasperphotography.co.uk
Fairy Queen Lillie Hamilton and attendants Brooke Gettings and Jenna Fanson on the steam train.
Photo: adrianjasperphotography.co.uk

St Teath Royalty

Carnival Queen Emily Joy and Fairy Queen Lillie Hamilton.
Photo: adrianjasperphotography.co.uk

St Teath Royalty was chosen out of a hat by Barry Burton at the White Hart. They are:

Carnival Queen - Emily Joy and her two attendants, Megan Fanson and Alisha Weeks

Fairy Queen - Lillie Hamilton and her two attendants, Jenna Fanson and Brooke Gettings.

Carnival Week Events

Sunday 17 July
Cream tea at Pencarey for Community Bus with Crowning of Royalty at 3.00 pm.

Tuesday 19 July
Ice cream on the village green with pre-school 3.30pm
Carnival Bingo in the St Teath school hall at 7.30 pm.

Wednesday 20 July
Village Quiz in the church hall 7.30 pm.

Friday 22 July
Junior skittles championship in the community centre 6.30 - 7.30 pm (ages 7-11 years)
St Teath Football club 3 legged race starting at The White Hart 7.30 pm.

Saturday 23 July
St Teath Carnival 6 pm


Four fundraising events to support the carnival have taken place:

Family Fun Day

Well, a great night was had by all, young and old at the St Teath Family Fun night held on Saturday 2nd April at St Teath Village Hall. There were lots of laughs from The Party People (Tim and Di) - they know just how to entertain and made the evening fun filled and very enjoyable! There was music, party games, comedy and magic to keep the party going. The children loved it and can't wait for the next time they get to meet The Funny Bunny!

No doubt that it was all great fun

Thanks to everyone who came along and supported the night and many thanks to the St Teath Carnival Committee and helpers for all their hard work and effort - it can't be done without you! A total of £270.00 was raised from the evening.


Photos: adrianjasperphotography.co.uk

Promise Auction
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 in The Church Hall, with Bob Fox as auctioneer.
This auction raised over £1200. An excellent start.

Christmas Bingo
Saturday, 21 November 2009 in The Church Hall

Village Fete
Saturday, 22 May 2010 see photos here.