Church and Churchyard Memorial Stones

April, 2010

Lychgate to Churchyard
erected in memory of Arthur Kent
chairman of NCDC 1974-78
and a Manager, Delabole Slate Quarry

The lives of over 540 people are commemorated on memorial stones in the Church and Churchyard. This is almost certainly an underestimate for very old stones may be broken or buried. The parish records, now held at Truro and recently transferred onto the online parish clerk's database, holds records for more than twice that number. The photographic and text records here and the recent ones for the New Cemetery across the road from the churchyard are for a total of over 1,100 people between the 14th Century and the 2010. Memorials in the Methodist cemetery in Trevilley Lane, St Teath are here.

If, having searched these records, and the online parish clerk's database, you may also find it helpful to refer to entries in Kelly's Business Directory for St Teath Parish which are here.

Summary of findings:

Chart showing average age of death with decade for the Churchyard and New Cemetery.

While there is no evidence of a rise in mortality with outbreaks of cholera or Spanish flu in the UK, smallpox and especially TB took a dreadful toll of life in the 18th and 19th centuries. Outbreaks of TB were finally arrested to a large extent in the 1940s.

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18th Century memorial stones have a charm of their own with well spaced characters
and simple images of angels, or a dart penetrating the heart.


The identifiers C1 to C6 in the aerial view below indicate the general location of the memorial.
Memorial stones in the church are indicated under relationships. Many of the inscriptions are given in Sir John Maclean's account here(pdf).
MT in Relationships marks a memorial tablet
Click on any photo icon to see a picture of the memorial - it may be helpful to copy the image to a photo editing program for more detailed examination
19th and 20th century memorials are very largely confined to the New Cemetery
GII marks a Grade II listed stone - all of these can be found on the Images of England website. No doubt many more would fall into this category.
More information on the wills of St Teath Parish in the 17th century can be found in Catherine Lorigan's recent book on Connections - more details here.
Many early stones were marked with date of burial and not date of death
No data were available where XX appears as the date of death
An age of 0 signifies a death at less than one year
Where names were not accessible they appear in the list as XXX YYY

Aerial view - approximate guide to memorial locations

C2FAllenElizabeth13/07/181633wife of James AllenElizabeth Allen
C1FAmyGrace16/09/186358wife of John Amy - of RoughparkGrace Amy
C4MAmyJames22/11/181442James Amy
C4MAmyJohn28/04/181333John Amy
C4MAmyRobert09/09/183522son of John Amy - killed at Delabole Landwork quarryRobert Amy
C4MAmyGordon14/01/182748Gordon Amy
C4FAmySusanna25/08/181118daughter of Gordon AmySusanna Amy
C4MAmyCotton13/06/184318son of Cotton and AnnCotton Amy
C4FAmyRebecca02/01/183665wife of Thomas AmyRebecca Amy
C4FAmyElizabeth10/10/183070sister of Rebecca AmyRebecca Amy
C4MAmyThomas20/02/186487husband of Rebecca AmyThomas Amy
C2FArnoldAnn17/11/181470wife of John Arnold - stone on N wall of churchAnn Arnold
C4MBaileyThomas James18/05/197362Vicar of St Teath Parish 1954 - 1973 Thomas James Bailey
C2MBakeRobert24/02/182568John Bake
C2MBakeSamuel08/05/178315of LanteglosSamuel Bake
C2FBakeMary08/02/000065Samuel Bake
C2MBakeJonathan04/12/175422son of Robert and Elizabeth Bake - GIIJonathon Bake
C2MBakeMoses11/01/17320son of Samuel and Philippa Bake - broken stone against N wall of churchMoses Bake
C2FBakeElizabeth22/05/174821daughter of Samuel and Philippa Bake - broken stone against N wall of churchElizabeth Bake
C3MBakeJohn20/12/17564son of Samuel and Elizabeth Bake - on E wall of churchJohn Bake
C3MBakeSamuel18/01/176141son of Samuel and Elizabeth Bake - on E wall of churchSamuel Bake
C6MBakeRobert30/01/1686XXson of Samuel Bake - see inscription 21 - against S wallRobert Bake
C3MBantWilliam04/05/177678husband of Ann - tomb - GIIWilliam Bant
C3FBantAnn26/12/177874wife of William - tombAnn Bant
C3FBantAnn24/03/17483daughter of William and Ann - tombAnn Bant
C3FBantAnn23/05/17670daughter of John and Lucy Bant - tombAnn Bant
C3MBantWilliam18/12/17700son of John and Lucy Bant - tombWilliam Bant
C3FBantMary15/01/178424wife of Anthony Snell - daughter of William and Ann Bant - tombMary Bant
C3FBantLucy30/11/178757wife John Bant - tombLucy Bant
C3MBantJohn09/06/182281Gent. late of Suffenton - son of William and Ann Bant - tombJohn Bant
C3FBantLucy06/05/18261daughter of John and Elizabeth Bant of Lower Suffenton - on S wall of church - lower part of stone may be missing - see inscription 26Elizabeth Bant
C3FBantElizabeth Lucy25/06/185527daughter of John and Elizabeth Bant of Lower Suffenton - on S wall of church - lower part of stone may be missing - see inscription 26Elizabeth Lucy Bant
C3MBantJohn26/11/185691father of John Bant of Lower Suffenton - on S wall of church - lower part of stone may be missing - see inscription 26John Bant
C3FBantMary Ann15/08/185731daughter of John and Elizabeth Bant of Lower Suffenton - on S wall of church - lower part of stone may be missing - see inscription 26Mary Ann Bant
C3MBantJohn30/06/186816of Whitewell - eldest son of John and Elizabeth Bant - on S wall of church - lower part of stone may be missing - see inscription 26John Bant
C3FBantMary Ann15/12/189578wife of John Bant (died aged 16) daughter of John and Elizabeth Bant of Lower Suffenton - on S wall of church - lower part of stone may be missing - see inscription 26Mary Ann Bant
C3FBantElizabeth Lucy18/06/187015daughter of John and Mary Ann Bant - on S wall of church - lower part of stone may be missing - see inscription 26Elizabeth Lucy Bant
C3MBastardThomas28/08/184676of TreliggoThomas Bastard
C3MBastardJohn23/02/185384brother of ThomasJohn Bastard
C3MBastardJohn08/06/182394of Landsend in the parish of LanteglosJohn Bastard
C3FBastardKatherine02/03/182187wife of John BastardKatherine Bastard
C3MBastardThomas22/06/175557on E wall of churchThomas Bastard
C3MBastardWilliam09/03/179350GIIWilliam bastard
C1MBateJohn17/06/183881of TrewalderJohn Bate
C2FBateMary00/00/00000daughter of Stephen and Francis Bate - broken slate against W wall of churchMary Bate
C5MBawdenGiles19/12/186575of TreburgettGiles Bawden
C5MBawdenGiles5/02/184377of TreburgettGiles Bawden
C5FBawdenSusanna22/12/185572tomb - wife of John Bawden of TregreenwellSusanna Bawden
C5MBawdenJohn11/02/184881of TregreenwellJohn Bawden
C5FBawdenMary08/03/184981sister of John Bawden of TregreenwellMary Bawden
C2MBeerJohn15/08/189693husband of NancyJohn Beer
C2FBeerNancy15/18/188678wife of John BeerNancy Beer
C2FBeerElizabeth14/02/184047wife of John BeerElizabeth Beer
C2MBeerJohn00/00/18302son of Elizabeth BeerJohn Beer
C3MBeerJoseph01/08/18131son of Joseph and Hannah Beer of St Kew - on E wall of churchJoseph Beer
C4MBeerBenjamin16/01/186428husband of Catherine - late of WestdownBenjamin Beer
C6FBennettFranncis30/10/1636XXwife of Phillip (son of John and Elizabeth Bennett?) - against S wallFranncis Bennett
C4FBillingHannah30/06/182452wife of William Billing of St BrewardHannah Billing
C4MBillingWilliam15/01/182071of St BrewardWilliam Billing
C4MBillingPhilippa20/01/182072wife of William BillingPhilippa Billing
C4FBlackmoreEmily25/03/185028wife of builder William Blackmore of Exeter and eldest daughter of Robert Bray yeoman of RockheadEmily Blackmore
C6MBlakeJohn22/09/1712XXagainst N wall - inscription 14John Blake
C4FBoenJane00/02/183317daughter of John and Elizabeth BoenJane Boen
C3MBonearWilliam17/04/171979husband of Jane Bonear - GIIWilliam Bonear
C3FBonearJane18/01/174883wife of William BonearJane Bonear
C3MBonearWilliam09/01/177874son of William and Jane BonearWilliam Bonear
C3FBonearElizabeth06/11/179179wife of William BonearElizabeth Bonear
C4MBonearThomas10/03/183582Thomas Bonear
C4FBonearMargaret27/06/183677wife of Thomas BonearMargaret Bonear
C4FBoneyAnn23/10/185971late of Pengelly in this ParishAnn Boney
C4FBoneyElizabeth20/01/182936wife of John BoneyElizabeth Boney
C4MBoneyJohn00/07/179435GIIYYY XXX
C4MBonneyWilliam06/02/183113son of William and Sarah Bonney - died of smallpox in Newberry in this ParishWilliam Bonney
C4FBoxCatherine17/12/188565wife of James BoxCatherine Box
C4MBoxJohn08/03/187821son of James and Catherine BoxJohn Box
C3MBrayAlbert John24/09/195179husband of Rose MatildaAlbert John Bray
C3FBrayRose Matilda13/04/195575wife of Albert JohnRose Matilda Bray
C4MBrayJohn11/04/185534eldest son of Robert and Susanna Bray of Rockhead - died at Trecreege in the Parish of St EndellionJohn Bray
C4FBrayFrancis03/06/185534wife of the late John BrayFrancis Bray
C4MBrayRobert04/07/18550son of John and Francis BrayRobert Bray
C4MBrayRobert27/08/186073YeomanRobert Bray
C4FBraySusanna01/01/187582wife of Robert BraySusanna Bray
C4MBrayJohn Whitford12/02/187221grandson of Robert and Susanna Bray - drowned at seaJohn Whitford Bray
C4MBrayJohn28/02/185660John Bray
C4MBrayJohn Dancaster24/08/185636brother of John BrayJohn Dancaster Bray
C4FBrayHonor30/03/186675wife of John BrayHonor Bray
C4MBrayThomas15/03/182388late of TintagelThomas Bray
C2FBrewerMary21/09/182275wife of John BrewerMary Brewer
C2FBrewerJohn23/11/183584husband of Mary BrewerJohn Brewer
C2MBrewerGeorge25/11/185274husband of Elizabeth BrewerGeorge Brewer
C2MBrewerElizabeth06/01/182739wife of George BrewerElizabeth Brewer
C4FBroadJane15/04/187176wife of Thomas Broad [also includes Charlotta and Jane Broad who died in infancy]Jane Broad
C1MBromellLeonard23/07/184456of Pancrossweek Devon - killed at Delabole Slate QuarryLeonard Bromell
C2MBrownThomas14/12/187568of Dinabroad - husband of HannahThomas Brown
C2FBrownHannah19/10/188569wife of ThomasThomas Brown
C2FBrownSarah12/04/181268of Tregragon - wife of Philip BrownSarah Brown
C2MBrownRichard20/05/18441of Dinabroad - son of Thomas and Hannah BrownRichard Brown
C2MBrownJohn23/06/179584of Tregragon - husband of Joan Brown - GIIJohn Brown
C2FBrownJoan12/11/180377wife of John BrownJoan Brown
C2FBrownElizabeth23/10/189694wife of Joseph Brown of TregragonElizabeth Brown
C2MBrownJoseph31/05/187873husband of Elizabeth Brown of TregragonJoseph Brown
C2MBrownJoseph13/11/187435son of Joseph and Elizabeth Brown of TregragonJoseph Brown
C2MBrownThomas12/06/186024son of Joseph and Elizabeth Brown of TregragonThomas Brown
C2MBrownJohn21/03/181869husband of Elizabeth Brown of TrewalderJohn Brown
C2FBrownAnn8/03/185886wife of William Brown of TregragonAnn Brown
C2MBrownWilliam2/07/181266of TregragonWilliam Brown
C2FBrownMary21/05/182530daughter of William and Ann Brown of TregragonMary Brown
C2MBrownWilliam8/11/182626son of William and Ann Brown of TregragonWilliam Brown
C2MBrownSamuel20/04/184274yeoman - of TreliggaSamuel Brown
C2FBrownMary15/09/184972wife of Samuel Brown - of TreliggaMary Brown
C2MBrownJohn22/01/187668of TreliggoJohn Brown
C2MBrownJohn04/08/181973of TreligoJohn Brown
C2FBrownPhilippa04/07/181976wife of John Brown of TreligoPhilippa Brown
C2FBrownLydia08/02/185317daughter of John and Catherine Brown of MedroseLydia Brown
C2MBrownJohn Beer04/04/18636son of John and Catherine Brown of MedroseJohn Beer Brown
C2MBrownWilliam16/06/18662?son of John and Catherine Brown of MedroseWilliam Brown
C3FBrownAnn12/06/170329of Trelegoo in this parishAnn Brown
C3FBrownAnn17/06/17604daughter of John and Ann Brown - on E wall of churchAnn Brown
C4FBrownPriscilla00/00/000055of Hendra Lanteglos [also include Samuel brown son of Priscilla Brown - difficult to read]Priscilla Brown
C4MBrownGeorge04/04/188282of TreliggaGeorge Brown
C4FBrownGrace18/11/184641wife of George BrownGeorge Brown
C2FBuntWilliam01/03/187679husband of Mary BuntWilliam Bunt
C2FBuntMary06/02/186872wife of William BuntMary Bunt
C1MCallabyT R27/10/194431Serjeant - The Suffolk RegimentT R Callaby
C4MCannThomas22/02/18150son of John and Margaret Cann - stone against hedgeThomas Cann
C6FCarewFflorance19/11/1656XXwife of Hugh Carew of ? in Lanteglos - at base of towerFflorance Carew
C4FCarterElizabeth06/04/185381Elizabeth Carter
C2MChapmanThomas21/10/183732son of Edward and Katherine Chapman of SimonwardThomas Chapman
C4MClarkeFerdinando30/04/180349Ferdinando Clarke
C4FClarkeGrace09/03/181170wife of Ferdinando ClarkeGrace Clarke
C1FCommonsBessie Louisa22/07/18571daughter of John and Louisa Commons of PengellyBessie Louisa Commons
C1MCommonsThomas Marcena29/03/18644son of John and Louisa Commons of PengellyThomas Marcena Commons
C4FCoryJane14/03/186749Jane Cory
C4FCoryElizabeth Ann04/01/18609daughter of Jane CoryElizabeth Ann Cory
C4MCoryJohn06/09/18608son of Jane CoryJohn Cory
C2MCowlingFrederick Edwin26/02/192465husband of Annie Cowling of TreburgettFrederick Edwin Cowling
C2FCowlingEllen03/03/186535wife of William Cowling and daughter of William and Grace TrayesEllen Cowling
C2FCowlingEmily17/11/187118daughter of William and Grace TrayesEmily Cowling
C4MCowlingNicholas29/03/181071late of TreburgettNicholas Cowling
C4FCowlingMary19/05/181876wife of Nicholas CowlingMary Cowling
C5FCowlingAnn01/11/186048wife of George CowlingAnn Cowling
C3MCraddockRichard19/02/170457of Lower Hender - on E wall of churchRichard Craddock
C3FCraddockMary01/10/171254wife of Richard Craddock - on E wall of churchMary Craddock
C3MCraddockJohn1?/03/1704XXson of Richard and Mary Craddock - on E wall of churchJohn Craddock
C3FCraddockElizabeth08/08/170525daughter of Richard and Mary Craddock - on E wall of churchElizabeth Craddock
C3MCrosleyRichard Roy00/00/199171headteacher St Teath - DSC and bar - memorial tabletRichard Roy Crosley
C2MCudlippGeorge01/06/182883of Newberry - stone lies agains N wall of churchGeorge Cudlipp
C1MDaveyThomas19/01/18195son of John and Elizabeth DaveyThomas Davey
C1MDaveyWilliam19/09/18101son of John and Elizabeth DaveyWilliam Davey
C1MDaveyWilliam Henry21/09/18110son of John and Elizabeth DaveyWilliam Henry Davey
C1MDaveyThomas18/03/18511son of John and Elizabeth DaveyThomas Davey
C1FDaveyElizabeth19/05/18511son of John and Elizabeth DaveyElizabeth Davey
C1MDaveyHenry13/04/18525son of John and Elizabeth DaveyHenry Davey
C1FDaveyAnn10/04/18381daughter of John and Elizabeth DaveyAnn Davey
C4FDavyMary27/02/186724wife of James DaveyMary Davy
C3MDingleRichard00/01/174191of Lowre Suffenton - on E wall of churchRichard Dingle
C1MEdeWalter28/02/181117killed in an accident at Delabole Slate QuarryWalter Ede
C1MEdeWalter10/04/18522son of Elijah and Anne Ede of PengellyWalter Ede
C1FEdeThirza Jane31/03/18540daughter of Elijah and Anne Ede of PengellyThirza Jane Ede
C3FElizabethKellow28/06/178469wife of William Kellow - of PengellyElizabeth Kellow
C3MEnnorNicholas23/05/187476tomb on top of hedge - mine manager Treburgett - see history link on this siteNicholas Ennor
C2XFJ00/00/18380slate against W wall of churchJ F
C3MFayrerJoseph10/05/183852MA Vicar of St Teath Parish for 17 years - also memorial plate near altarJoseph Fayrer
C2MFinnimoreJohn24/02/184775husband of Elizabeth FinnimoreJohn Finnimore
C2FFinnimoreElizabeth18/03/183073wife of John FinnimoreElizabeth Finnimore
C2MFinnimoreThomas Brewer00/00/18240slate against W wall of churchThomas Brewer Finnimore
C3MFordFrancis John30/12/18670of Trehannick MillsFrancis John Ford
C3MFordFrederick W14/03/18730of Trehannick MillsFrederick W Ford
C1FFrenchElizabeth27/09/181218daughter of John and Elizabeth FrenchElizabeth French
C4FFrenchMary13/09/186114granddaughter of John and Susannah ParsonsMary French
C5MFryJames12/06/183763husband of SarahJames Fry
C5FFrySarah10/11/183863wife of James FrySarah Fry
C3MGeorgeJohn25/12/196121John George
C4MGeorgeJoseph1/12/186762husband of PhilippaJoseph George
C4FGeorgePhilippa18/10/188477wife of Joseph GeorgeJoseph George
C4FGeorgeGrace26/04/182133wife of Edward GeorgeGrace George
C5MGilesJohn01/04/185977of TreburgettJohn Giles
C5FGilesMary14/01/186982wife of John Giles of TreburgettMary Giles
C3MGillJohn21/11/181780on S wall of churchJohn Gill
C3MGillGeorge13/05/180735son of John and Elizabeth GillGeorge Gill
C3MGillWilliam5/05/180725son of John and Elizabeth GillWilliam Gill
C3MGillElizabeth18/08/181977wife of John Gill - on S wall of churchElizabeth Gill
C4MGoldsworthyThomas11/05/185921son of William and Elizabeth GoldsworthyThomas Goldsworthy
C1MGoveJames14/06/184129of MedroseJames Gove
C1MGoveJames26/05/18390son of JamesJames Gove
C3MGrangerJohn16/07/186171of PengellyJohn Granger
C3FGrangerEsther5/07/185975wife of John Granger of Pengelly and daughter of John and Ruth KeatJohn Granger
C3MGrangerJames17/03/181020son of John and Esther GrangerJames Granger
C3MGrangerRichard23/08/185338son of John and Esther GrangerRichard Granger
C4MGreenwoodHenry12/05/184012son of Henry and Margaret GreenwoodHenry Greenwood
C4FGreenwoodMargaret25/01/181451wife of Henry GreenwoodMargaret Greenwood
C4MGreenwoodHenry26/04/186973Henry Greenwood
C4MGreenwoodHarry08/01/00000son of Henry and Margaret Greenwood - of Delabole bartonHarry Greenwood
C4MGreenwoodThomas02/02/190175of Delabole barton - died at RockheadThomas Greenwood
C4FGreenwoodElizabeth30/07/190578wife of Thomas Greenwood - died at Hill Berrow WorcestershireElizabeth Greenwood
C6FHarrisHester29/10/1670XXwife if Humfrey Harris of Meadrose - see inscription 7 - against south wallHester Harris
C6MHarrisThomas12/12/167056of Meadrose - see inscription 5 - against S wallThomas Harris
C6MHarrisHumphry12/03/168748against N wall - inscription 17Humphry Harris
C1MHarryGeorge06/02/181324 George Harry
C1MHarryThomas30/01/18170son of William and Ann Harry Thomas Harry
C4FHarryMary21/02/181044sister of Jane Wakeham - see inscription 51Mary Harry
C2MHarveyEdward08/05/187278husband of Elizabeth HarveyEdward Harvey
C2FHarveyElizabeth15/09/183845wife of Edward HarveyElizabeth Harvey
C2FHarveyMary08/01/184825daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Harvey - wife of Samson ParsonsMary Harvey
C2MHarveyDaniel23/12/18475son of Samson and Mary ParsonsDaniel Harvey
C2FHarveyMary Jane20/03/18498daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Harvey - wife of Samson ParsonsMary Jane Harvey
C4FHarveyMary Ann15/11/188668wife of Joseph Harvey - of PengellyMary Ann Harvey
C4MHarveyJoseph21/03/187665of PengellyJoseph Harvey
C4FHarveyHonnor20/12/183922wife of Joseph HarveyHonnor Harvey
C4MHarveyHenry00/00/0000XXhusband of Honnor Harvey?Henry Harvey
C4MHasellJoseph06/12/188233son of Joseph and Mary Ann Hasell of PengellyJoseph Hasell
C1FHawkenSarah21/10/185345wife of John HawkenSarah Hawken
C1MHawkenThomas13/12/185122son of Sarah HawkenThomas Hawken
C2FHawkenElizabeth9/04/180668wife of Wiliam Hawken of MichaelstowElizabeth Hawken
C2MHawkenWilliam27/02/182187husband of Elizabeth Hawken of MichaelstowWilliam Hawken
C4MHawkenGiles Lockwood17/02/185947tomb: of Dannon Chapel - husband of Jane Hawken - GIIGiles Lockwood Hawken
C4FHawkenJane08/08/187067tomb: wife of Giles Lockwood Hawken and second daughter of Emanuel and Jane Wakeham of Delabole Barton - died at TreknowJane Hawken
C4MHawkenWilliam10/12/188770of CamelfordWilliam Hawken
C4XHawkenYYY22/12/189669tombXXX Hawken
C4MHawkenJohn Lang30/10/185838tombJohn Lang Hawken
C4MHawkenBenjamin31/03/185679tomb - late of Dannon ChapelBenjamin Hawken
C4FHawkenElizabeth23/09/185172wife of Benjamin HawkenElizabeth Hawken
C4MHawkenNathaniel19/02/188773Nathaniel Hawken
C4FHawkenAnn04/03/189463Ann Hawken
C4MHawkenJonathan19/01/187924son of Nathaniel and Ann HawkenJonathan Hawken
C4FHawkenEsther26/09/184222of Dannon ChapelEsther Hawken
C4MHawkeyJoseph May15/06/187742of PengellyJoseph May Hawkey
C4FHawkeyMary Kitty06/12/191680wife of Joseph May HawkeyMary Kitty Hawkey
C4MHawkeyJohn10/04/186165of PengellyJohn Hawkey
C4FHawkeyMary23/03/188791wife of John HawkeyMary Hawkey
C3MHenwoodJohn Snell06/02/18470son of Thomas and Jane Henwood of CarkeenJohn Snell Henwood
C3FHenwoodJane Snell25/07/185215daughter of Thomas and Jane henwood of CarkeenJane Snell Henwood
C3MHenwoodThomas03/07/185515son of Thomas and Jane henwood of CarkeenThomas Henwood
C3FHenwoodMary22/12/182782wife of Thomas Henwood of KerkeenMary Henwood
C3FHenwoodJane20/09/185544wife of Thomas Henwood of CarkeenJane Henwood
C3MHenwoodThomas01/05/183752late of Kerkeen - died at Benni Cottage LanteglosThomas Henwood
C3FHenwoodElizabeth12/10/185268wife of Thomas HenwoodMary Elizabeth
C4MHenwoodHugh16/09/185837Hugh Henwood
C4FHenwoodElizabeth23/03/185129wife of Hugh Henwood and daughter of John and Ann May Higher Suffenton - died at Nantallen Parish of CreedElizabeth Henwood
C4MHillO Francis03/12/1947182354520 aircraftman RAF - son of Oliver and Henrietta HillO Francis Hill
C2MHockenEdward15/01/177845GIIEdward Hocken
C2MHockenAnthony26/05/17781son of Edward and SarahAnthony Hocken
C2MHockinWilliam Henry04/06/182013of Church Town - son of William and Mary HockinWilliam Henry Hockin
C2FHockinMary27/12/179620wife of John Hockin - GIIMary Hockin
C2MHockinEdward29/11/17960son of John and Mary HockinEdward Hockin
C2MHockinJohn06/03/185081husband of Magdalen HockinJohn Hockin
C2FHockinMagdalen03/03/184573wife of John HockinMagdalen Hockin
C2FHockinElizabeth18/02/185343daughter of John and Magdalen HockinElizabeth Hockin
C2MHockinEdward05/10/186660of TrewennenEdward Hockin
C2FHockinMaria20/11/187468wife of Edward HockinMaria Hockin
C2MHockinWilliam Cann00/04/186X64husband of Jenefer Lane of NewhallWilliam Cann Hockin
C2FHockinMary31/02/187980daughter of William and Mary HockinMary Hockin
C2FHockinCaroline31/01/189973daughter of William and Mary HockinCaroline Hockin
C2FHoneyAlice00/00/172016GII - wife of John HoneyAlice Honey
C1MHokingN00/00/17310GIIYYY XXX
C5FHooperMary Ann15/06/185435wife of John Hooper and daughter of Richard and Mary RooseMary Ann Hooper
C2FHockinElizabeth11/01/18xx30daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Hockin Elizabeth Hockin
C2MHockinJohn11/03/18xx0daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Hockin John Hockin
C4FInchDiane19/11/178150wife of Hambly Inch - GIIDiane Inch
C4MInchHambly22/06/178285GIIHambly Inch
C1FJacobsMary Jane00/02/186517wife of James Jacobs of Pengelly - daughter of John and Louisa CommonsMary Jane Jacobs
C2MJenkinJohn29/11/180668John Jenkin
C4FJenkinCatherine28/12/182764wife of Anthony JenkinCatherine Jenkin
C4MJenkinWilliam28/12/182727son of Anthony and Catherine JenkinWilliam Jenkin
C4FJenkinMargaret30/12/187371wife of William JenkinMargaret Jenkin
C4MJenkinCatherine05/06/187749daughter of Margaret JenkinCatherine Jenkin
C4MJenkinAnthony21/06/194980late of PengellyAnthony Jenkin
C4FJohnsElizabeth Ann06/02/191889sister of Mary Kitty Hawkey - died at DelaboleElizabeth Ann Johns
C2XKW00/00/18950broken slate against W wall of churchWK
C2MKeatThomas21/12/180843husband of Elizabeth KeatThomas Keat
C2FKeatElizabeth21/06/183066wife of Thomas KeatElizabeth Keat
C3MKeatJohn08/10/180855John Keat
C3FKeatRuth Shirley21/05/182171wife of John KeatRuth Shirley Keat
C3MKeatJohn27/01/185069of PengellyJohn Keat
C3FKeatJane10/03/185270wife of John Keat of PengellyJane Keat
C3FKeatRuth06/11/18131daughter of John and Jane Keat of Newhall GreenRuth Keat
C3MKeatSamuel15/10/183110son of John and Jane Keat of Newhall GreenSamuel Keat
C4MKeatThomas08/11/181130Thomas Keat
C4FKeatAvice25/09/18116daughter of Thomas and Alice KeatAvice Keat
C4FKeatHonnor00/08/0000XXwife of Thomas KeatHonnor Keat
C2MKellowWilliam24/10/189562late manager of The Old Delabole Slate QuarriesWilliam Kellow
C2MKellowJosiah31/08/189263at PengellyJosiah Kellow
C2FKellowMary24/06/188359wife of Josiah Kellow of PengellyMary Kellow
C2MKellowMoses08/02/187635late of PengellyMoses Kellow
C2FKellowJane24/03/187952wife of Moses KellowJane Kellow
C4MKellowJohn08/09/17604son of William and Elizabeth KellowJohn Kellow
C4MKellowWilliam17/09/17600son of William and Elizabeth KellowWilliam Kellow
C4FKellowElizabeth08/04/182750wife of John KellowElizabeth Kellow
C4MKellowJohn27/03/183770John Kellow
C1MKnightHenry00/01/18382son of John and Mary KnightHenry Knight
C2FLaneJenefer25/10/186369wife of George Lane of NewhallJenifer Lane
C2MLaneGeorge20/01/187076husband of Jenefer Lane of NewhallGeorge Lane
C4MLaneJohn19/01/184544husband of Mary LaneJohn Lane
C4FLaneMary15/11/184138wife of John LaneMary Lane
C4MLaneJohn19/02/00000son of William and Mary LaneJohn Lane
C4MLaneNicholas30/12/184012son of William and Mary Lane?Nicholas Lane
C2MLobbMoses24/07/184125son of J and M LobbMoses Lobb
C4FLobbHannah27/06/182827wife of Francis Lobb of RockheadHannah Lobb
C4MLobbWilliam04/04/184861husband of Mary Lobb of RockheadWilliam Lobb
C4FLobbMary27/06/186479wife of William Lobb of RockheadMary Lobb
C4MLobbPeter29/04/186665husband of Mary LobbPeter Lobb
C4MLobbPeter29/04/186665husband of Mary LobbPeter Lobb
C4FLobbMary26/12/187776wife of Peter LobbMary Lobb
C4MLobbJohn01/02/185019son of Peter and Mary LobbJohn Lobb
C4FLobbPhilippa00/00/00000[lobb? indistinct]Philippa Lobb
C2MLukeyHugh23/07/184427son of John and Elizabeth - accidentally killed at Delabole QuarryHugh Lukey
C2FMaleCatherine30/04/186060daughter of Nicholas and Ann Male of TrehannickCatherine Male
C2MMaleNicholas16/09/178261on side of tomb of Nicholas and Ann Male - see inscription 35Nicholas Male
C2MMaleNicholas24/06/181756tomb of Nicholas Male and wife - see inscription 34Nicholas Male
C2FMaleAnn27/02/185488Wife of Nicholas MaleAnn Male
C2MMaleNicholas24/05/186377of PengellyNicholas Male
C3MMaleMoses11/12/180629son of Christopher and Ann Male - late of Pengelly - see inscription 27 - GIIMoses Male
C3MMaleJohn16/03/18128see inscription 27John Male
C3FMaleAnn06/04/181-29see inscription 27Ann Male
C3FMaleJane20/04/18122see inscription 27Jane Male
C3MMaleJohn13/06/180786Gent. of Tintagel - see inscription 28John Male
C3FMalePhilippa19/06/176521wife of Christopher Male - GIIPhilippa Male
C3MMaleJohn19/06/17650son of Christopher and Christopher MaleJohn Male
C3MMaleJohn12/10/187384John Male
C3FMaleLucy11/02/189588wife of John MaleLucy Male
C3MMaleNicholas23/08/183081of TreburgettNicholas Male
C3FMaleElizabeth30/08/181963wife of Nicholas Male of TreburgettElizabeth Male
C5MMankinJames03/04/184119late of Wadebridge - 3 April?James Mankin
C2MMartynGeorge16/02/183279Gent - of DelanewthGeorge Martyn
C4MMartynThomas01/10/180354tomb: late of Treearu in the Parish of Tintagel - the son of George and Mary Martyn late of Hellanin - see inscription 41Thomas Martyn
C4FMartynMary30/09/182271tomb: wife of Thomas Martyn daughter of John and Ann Symons - see inscription 41Mary Martyn
C4FMartynAnn29/12/186175tomb: daughter of Thomas and Mary Martyn - see inscription 41Ann Martyn
C4FMartynJoan07/08/182834tomb: daughter of Thomas and Mary Martyn Trecarn Tintagel - see inscription 42Joan Martyn
C4MMartynGeorge28/03/179681tomb: of Helland - see inscription 43 - GIIGeorge Martyn
C4FMartynMary31/08/179481tomb: wife of George Martyn - see inscription 43Mary Martyn
C4FMartynMary Harry14/03/179655tomb: daughter of and Mary George Martyn - see inscription 43Mary Harry Martyn
C4MMartynMoses15/06/179954tomb: son of George and Mary Martyn - see inscription 43Moses Martyn
C4FMartynCatherine03/07/180367tomb: daughter of and Mary George Martyn - see inscription 43Catherine Martyn
C4MMartynJohn02/05/182777tomb: Gent. late of HellandJohn Martyn
C4FMartynJoan13/03/181786tomb: wife of John MartynJoan Martyn
C4FMartynElizabeth15/03/181733wife of George Martyn of Newhall - see inscription 44Elizabeth Martyn
C4FMartynElizabeth05/04/18091daughter of George and Elizabeth Martyn of Newhall - see inscription 44Elizabeth Martyn
C4MartynGeorge09/03/183555Gent. of Newhall husband of Elizabeth Martyn - see inscription 44George Martyn
C4MMartynGeorge08/06/184529tomb: of Trewen Lanteglos - see inscription 45George Martyn
C4FMartynElizabeth Kate08/06/184529tomb: daughter of George Martyn of Trewen - died at Benbole St Kew - see inscription 45Elizabeth Kate Martyn
C4MMartynWilliam00/07/187051see inscription 46William Martyn
C4MMartynWilliam10/10/186412son of William MartynWilliam Martyn
C4MMartynGeorge31/07/183313tomb: son of John and Mary MartynGeorge Martyn
C4FMartynElizabeth Kate31/07/183313tomb: daughter of John and Mary MartynElizabeth Kate Martyn
C4FMartynMary Lyne17/12/186753tomb: wife of John Martyn of HellandMary Lyne Martyn
C4MMartynJohn26/07/18431son of John and Elizabeth MartynJohn Martyn
C5FMartynMary21/05/186629wife of Charles MartynMary Martyn
C5FMartynThirza25/03/18653daughter of Charles and Mary MartynMary Martyn
C5MMartynCharles25/09/187132Charles Martyn
C5MMartynRobert22/08/18697son of Charles MartynRobert Martyn
C5FMartynMary Elizabeth25/07/18682daughter of Charles MartynMary Elizabeth Martyn
C4MMartynJoseph30/03/18331tomb: son of John and Martha Martyn of Trecarne - see inscription 49Joseph Martyn
C4MMartynJoseph10/05/184118tomb: son of John and Martha Martyn of Trecarne - died of fever at sea and his body committed to the deep near the Island of St. Domingo - see inscription 49Joseph Martyn
C4FMartynPatty27/10/18330tomb: daughter of John and Martha Martyn of Trecarne - see inscription 49Patty Martyn
C3MMartynJohn28/07/185573of Trecarne - see inscription 47John Martyn
C3FMartynMartha Meluish24/04/185562wife of John Martyn of Trecarne - see inscription 47Martha Meluish Martyn
C3MMartynGeorge06/09/185120son of John and Martha Martyn - see inscription 47George Martyn
C3MMartynThomas Henry16/02/185237son of John and Martha Martyn - died at Port Elizabeth South Africa - see inscription 47Thomas Henry Martyn
C4FMatthewCharity22/12/184382wife of William MatthewsCharity Matthew
C4FMatthewsSarah27/10/180246wife of William MatthewsSarah Matthews
C4MMayJohn28/03/18200son of John and Ann May of Higher SuffentonJohn May
C4MMayThomas28/03/18200son of John and Ann May of Higher SuffentonThomas May
C4MMayJohn13/05/186178yeoman - husband of Mary May - late of Higher SuffentonJohn May
C4FMayMary29/03/183640wife of John May - daughter of William and Grace Mason Northcott DevonMary May
C4FMayAnn09/02/182639wife of John May - daughter of Tudor and Eleanor Hawke of Polroad St KewMary May
C4FMayAnn27/05/18261daughter of John and Ann MayAnn May
C2MMillerJohn06/05/185240died at TregragonJohn Miller
C2FMillerElizabeth12/02/186870wife of John MillerElizabeth Miller
C4MMoyseJohn13/03/188294died at TrehannickJohn Moyse
C4MMoyseWilliam22/01/188590died at TrehannickWilliam Moyse
C4MMoyseJohn15/11/184695of Tredarup MichaelstowWilliam Moyse
C4FMoyseSusanna09/07/183884wife of John Moyse - of TredarupSusanna Moyse
C4FMoyseMary14/04/17985daughter of John and Susanna MoyseMary Moyse
C4MMoyseThomas04/05/187072William Moyse
C4FMoyseJenefir04/04/189191born at Carkeen - died at TrehannickJenefir Moyse
C4MMoyseJames31/01/188987died at TrehannickJames Moyse
C2FNealElizabeth06/05/186328wife of Edward Neal of Port IsaacElizabeth Neal
C2FNealSarah21/02/186667wife of Edward NealSarah Neal
C4FNicholsHannah01/05/185523wife William Nichols and daughter of Francis and Mary Lobb of RockheadHannah Nichols
C4MNicholsJohn Francis07/08/18550son of William and Hannah NicholsJohn Francis Nichols
C1FNuteCatherine15/08/188648of Medrose DelaboleCatherine Nute
C1FNuteKate25/03/18741daughter of CatherineKate Nute
C1MNuteHerbert Amy25/03/18761son of CatherineHerbert Amy Nute
C1FNuteMary Ann24/03/186639wife of Robert Nute of MedroseMary Ann Nute
C1MNuteAlfred02/01/18675son of Mary AnnAlfred Nute
C1FNuteAnn03/01/186368wife of Robert Nute of PengellyAnn Nute
C1FNuteSelina06/07/189546wife of William NuteSelina Nute
C1MNuteRobert20/07/183242of TrewalderRobert Nute
C1MNuteWilliam11/06/184412son of RobertWilliam Nute
C4MOliverWilliam T24/05/185939son of John and Mary OliverWilliam T Oliver
C4MOliverJohn T07/06/181230of MedroseJohn T Oliver
C4MOliverJohn04/06/180969husband of Ann - died at TrevillyJohn Oliver
C4FOliverAnn11/07/181179wife of John OliverAnn Oliver
C4MOliverJohn05/07/184973husband of Nancy OliverJohn Oliver
C4FOliverNancy26/02/187380wife of John OliverNancy Oliver
C4MOliverJohn23/02/187875Schoolmaster for 59 yearsJohn Oliver
C2FPalmerCatherine27/04/182535wife of William PalmerCatheine Palmer
C4MPalmerJohn26/08/182379husband of Mary PalmerJohn Palmer
C4FPalmerMary18/05/182882wife of John PalmerMary Palmer
C4MPalmerJohn03/09/186378husband of Ann PalmerJohn Palmer
C4FPalmerAnn03/04/187383wife of John PalmerAnn Palmer
C4FPalmerElizabeth05/08/187758wife of John Palmer - died at Penpethy Lanteglos ParishElizabeth Palmer
C4MPalmerJohn02/11/189169husband of Elizabeth PalmerJohn Palmer
C4MParsonsWilliam25/07/186674husband of Alice ParsonsWilliam Parsons
C4FParsonsAlice14/07/186169wife William ParsonsAlice Parsons
C4MParsonsMoses31/08/186035son of Moses and Catherine ParsonsMoses Parsons
C4MParsonsMoses15/03/18172son of Moses and Mary ParsonsMoses Parsons
C4MParsonsJohn18/06/185877of PengellyJohn Parsons
C4FParsonsSusannah12/09/185065wife of John ParsonsSusannah Parsons
C4FParsonsAnn15/07/183921daughter of John and Susannah ParsonsAnn Parsons
C4FPaulMary Hill05/02/18512daughter of Edward and Margaret PaulMary Hill Paul
C4FPaulAmelia08/10/185415daughter of Edward and Margaret PaulAmelia Paul
C2MPaullSamuel29/05/185427son of Thomas and Mary Paull of St MinverSamuel Paull
C5MPearceJohn8/04/186273Yeoman of TreburgettJohn Pearce
C4FPedlerAnnie12/11/186328wife of Charles Henry Pedler of LondonAnnie Pedler
C4MPerryCharles29/04/186045son of William and Grace PerryCharles Perry
C4MPerryJames03/05/18321brother of Charles PerryJames Perry
C6MPhillippsWilliam12/04/171262against N wall - inscription 3William Phillipps
C3MPhilpWilliam Watts26/12/189874of TreburgettWilliam Watts Philp
C3FPhilpMargery Braund03/12/190070of TreburgettMargery Braund Philp
C3FPhilpElizabeth29/05/185136wife of Richard Watts PhilpAnn Brown
C3MPhilpRichard16/07/184077Richard Philp
C3FPhilpBetsey08/12/181929wife of Philip Philp and daughter of Thomas and Mary Henwood of Kerkeen - died at TrekeeBetsey Philp
C6FPhilpAnn16/01/181853wife of Richard and daughter of Richard Walls - at base of towerAnn Philp
C3FPhilpsElizabeth26/05/185436wife of Richard PhilpsElizabeth Philps
C3FPhilpsElizabeth Jane27/08/189351daughter of Richard Watts and Elizabeth PhilpsElizabeth Jane Philps
C3MPhilpsRichard W05/06/188071husband of Elizabeth PhilpsRichard Philps
C3MPhilpsRichard W06/07/188945son of Richard W PhilpsRichard W Philps
C4MProutRichard26/09/183681of Meadrose [Medrose] - member of the Methodist Soc. for 63 yearsRichard Prout
C4FProutMaria30/04/184836wife of Thomas Prout and daughter of Nathaniel and Jane NortheyMaria Prout
C4MProutThomas Colman28/08/188668died at Bowithick AltarnunThomas Colman Prout
C4FProutPricilla28/06/189177wife of Thomas Colman ProutPricilla Prout
C2XRM00/00/18450slate against W wall of churchYYY XXX
C4FRatcliffeSusan19/09/188131wife of Robert Ratcliffe Master Mariner - daughter of Robert and Susanna Bray - died at St AgnesSusan Ratcliffe
C5MRickardHarry9/12/18820son of Thomas and Margery RickardHarry Rickard
C6MRobinsPhilip23/08/180235at base of towerPhilip Robins
C2FRoskelleyElizabeth16/05/182673wife of Richard Roskelley late of Fentengo St KewElizabeth Roskelley
C3MRounsevellWilliam00/03/180316son of John and Cath Kellow and grandson of William and Elizabeth KellowWilliam Rounsevell
C5MRoweWilliam20/08/188572vicar of this parishWilliam Rowe
C2FRushMary Ann05/10/184530wife of John RushMary Ann Rush
C4FRushFlorence Mabel00/00/194249Florence Mabel Rush
C2FScantleberryGrace08/01/173416GIIGrace Scantleberry
C1MSkinnerGeorge29/01/181762husband of AnnGeorge Skinner
C1FSkinnerAnn04/12/181959wife of GeorgeAnn Skinner
C1FSleamanMary Jane06/07/18121daughter of William and Margaret Sleaman of PengellyMary Jane Sleaman
C3MSleepEsther21/04/186448of PengellyEsther Sleep
C2MSloggettJoseph15/11/179582difficult to decipher details - GIIJoseph Sloggett
C2FSloggettElizabeth17/05/17XXXXfirst wife of Joseph Sloggett - difficult to decipher detailsElizabeth Sloggett
C2FSloggettElizabeth17/12/1795XXdifficult to decipher detailsElizabeth Sloggett
C2MSloggettEdward02/11/177272GIIEdward Sloggett
C2MSloggettAaron12/11/185767Aaron Sloggett
C2MSloggettEnos20/02/185324Aaron Sloggett
C2FSloggettPriscilla29/01/186275wife of Aaron SloggettPriscilla Sloggett
C2FSloggettCatherine00/00/17930daughter of William and Philippa Sloggett - GIIYYY XXX
C4MSmartThomas18/04/181762of Meadrose [Medrose]Thomas Smart
C4FSmartPhilippa15/09/18088daughter of Thomas and Philippa SmartPhilippa Smart
C2MSmithMoses10/07/183161of PengellyMoses Smith
C2MSmithRichard20/06/18156son of Moses and Mary SmithMoses Smith
C3FSnellMary06/11/182322died at Suffenton - daughter of John and Lucy Snell of Beaford DevonMary Snell
C4MSobeyJoseph18/04/18519son of Joseph and ElizabethJoseph Sobey
C4MSweetWilliam25/10/178352of Meadrose [Medrose] - GIIWilliam Sweet
C3FSworderMuriel01/05/196785Muriel Sworder
C4FSymonsAnn12/12/1815XXAnn Symons
C4FSymonsSusannah01/04/186365wife of Richard Symons - of PengellySusannah Symons
C4MSymonsJoseph07/07/185523son of Richard and Susannah Symons Joseph Symons
C6MTavernerJohn03/12/1586XXGent. and too sonnes and too daughters - against wall at base of tower - see inscription 18John Taverner
C3FTaylorLydia27/08/18414of TreliggaLydia Taylor
C4MTeagueHugh06/02/186875husband of Ann TeagueHugh Teague
C4FTeagueAnn13/02/187974wife of Hugh TeagueAnn Teague
C4MTeagueHenry20/02/187041husband of Mary Ann TeagueHenry Teague
C4FTeagueMary Ann07/09/185935wife of Henry TeagueMary Ann Teague
C4MTeagueHugh06/06/185523son of Hugh and Ann TeagueHugh Teague
C4FTeagueHannah06/04/181172wife of Henry TeagueHannah Teague
C4MTeagueWilliam02/02/18041son of William and Hannah TeagueWilliam Teague
C4MTeagueThomas15/06/17981son of William and Hannah TeagueThomas Teague
C4MTeagueHarry07/02/181119son of William and Hannah TeagueHarry Teague
C2FThamasMary05/05/17520daughter of Nicholas and Elizabeth Thamas (probably Thomas) - GIIMary Thomas
C1FThomasMary4/05/175216daughter of John and Elizabeth Thomas - GIIMary Thomas
C2MThomasThamas08/05/17523son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Thamas (probably Thomas) -GIIMary Thomas
C4FThomasSusanna28/02/184465wife of John ThomasSusanna Thomas
C4MThomasJohn08/10/187282husband of Susanna ThomasJohn Thomas
C2FThompsonJane13/11/184246wife of John Thompson of PoliphantJane Thompson
C6MThorneJohn01/02/181872MT Pastor of St Teath Parish for 32 years - by altarJohn Thorne
C6FThorneEleanor10/10/183075wife of Rev John Thorne - by altarEleanor Thorne
C4MTinneyWilliam16/07/180826son of Elizabeth TinneyWilliam Tinney
C4MTinneyWilliam25/06/183072William Tinney
C1FTonkinEmma07/11/186122wife of James Tonkin. Died at LinkinhorneEmma Tonkin
C4MTonkinWilliam13/01/187054William Tonkin
C4FTonkinMary00/12/1835XXdaughter of William and PhilippaMary Tonkin
C4FTonkinAnn10/02/185115daughter of William and PhilippaMary Tonkin
C4FTonkinPhilippa10/06/188170wife of William TonkinPhilippa Tonkin
C2FTrayesGrace30/01/185554wife if William TrayesGrace Trayes
C2MTrayesJohn23/07/17742son if John and Margaret TrayesJohn Trayes
C2FTrayesMargaret2/05/17740son if John and Margaret Trayes - GIIMargaret Trayes
C2MTrayesFrederick16/04/185823son if William and Grace TrayesFrederick Trayes
C4FTremainMary05/07/187548wife of John TremainMary Tremaine
C4FTremainElizabeth20/01/186152wife of Robert TremainElizabeth Tremaine
C4MTremainWilliam21/02/186438son of Elizabeth TremainWilliam Tremain
C4FTremainL B16/12/18674granddaughter of Elizabeth TremainL B Tremain
C4MTremainRobert04/03/181972late of Knights MillRobert Tremain - Miller Knightsmill
C4FTremainHonor31/10/181867wife of Robert TremainYYY Tremain
C4MTremainJohn25/05/184171late of Trehannick MillJohn Tremain
C4FTremainCatherine11/05/182558wife of John TremainCatherine Tremain
C4MTremainJohn07/09/190172John Tremain
C4FTremainCatherine01/06/184454wife of Robert Tremain1 YeomanCatherine Tremain
C4FTremainElizabeth12/03/187323wife of John Tremain of PengellyElizabeth Tremain
C5MTremainRichard11/10/1833XXSon of Richard and B?? TremainRichard Tremain
C5FTremainMary Ann28/02/184721daughter of Richard TremainMary Ann Tremain
C5FTremainElizabeth20/12/18151daughter of Robert and Katherine TremainElizabeth Tremain
C3MTrevanWalter02/08/180946of Pengelly - stone on E wall of churchWalter Trevan
C5MTreweekDaniel Palmer30/03/18103son of Francis and Mary TreweekDaniel Palmer Treweek
C1FTuckerGrace24/04/181454wife of Gideon TuckerGrace Tucker
C4MWakehamEmanuel28/06/184886Yeoman - of Tregardock - see inscription 51Emanuel Wakeham
C4FWakehamJane01/03/181041wife of Emanuel Wakeham - see inscription 51Jane Wakeham
C4MWakehamThomas19/07/186558tomb: son of Emanuel and Jane Wakeham - late of Delabole Barton - died at Camelford - see inscription 50Thomas Wakeham
C3MWallesRichard12/06/176390husband of Anne - on E wall of churchRichard Walles
C3FWallesAnne16/11/175980wife of Richard - on E wall of churchAnne Walles
C3MWallesWilliam07/12/177270son of Richard and Anne - on E wall of churchWilliam Walles
C6MWallsRichard22/09/181377of Hendra - at base of towerRichard Walls
C4FWardEleanor18/03/181120wife of George WardEleanor Ward
C5FWarnHannah22/05/187856wife of Nicholas Warn - of PengellyHannah Warn
C5FWebberSusan18/06/185633wife of Richard Tucker Weber and daughter of Richard and Mary Roose of CastlegoffSusan Webber
C5FWebberAnn00/00/00000daughter of Richard and Susan Webber and daughter of Richard and Mary Roose of CastlegoffAnn Webber
C5MWilliamsEdward01/02/185053died at TreburgettEdward Williams
C4MWillsWilliam Henry22/11/185625son of Elijah and Mary WillsWilliam Henry Wills
C2FWiltonPhilippa11/05/17423daughter of Richard and Sarah Wilton - GIIPhilippa Wilton
C2FWiltonSarah26/05/17426daughter of Richard and Sarah Wilton - GIIPhilippa Wilton
C2MWiltonJames26/05/17424son of Richard and Sarah WiltonPhilippa Wilton
C2XXXXYYY00/00/00000small tomb - not decipheredYYY XXX
C1XXXXYYY00/00/00000not decipheredYYY XXX
C2XXXXYYY00/00/00000broken slate against W wall of churchYYY XXX
C2FXXXYYY20/03/176329broken slate against W wall of churchYYY XXX
C3XXXXYYY00/00/00000could not read - on E wall of churchyyy xxx
C3XXXXYYY00/00/00000inscribed M.A.M.
C4FXXXHonor00/00/0000XXHarding?Honor XXX
C4XXXXYYY00/00/0000XXnot identifiedXXX YYY
C6XXXXYYY00/00/1580XXdamaged stone against S wallXXX YYY

1Robert Tremain, a miller at Knight's Mill, died 1852, is also believed to be buried here, but it is not recorded on the gravestone. (Communication from Elizabeth Tremain-Bridges)

Thanks to St Teath PCC for allowing this data to be shared.