The Future Fun Club

Now well into its fourth year, our Fun Club for 7 - 11s is firmly established, well resourced, financially viable, and regularly attended by 15 - 20 children on Fridays during term time.

As the end of the Fun Club year approaches, Grace and Bob have had to consider their future as leaders / organisers. Ill health has meant that Bob has had to relinquish a number of activities. Grace also has a full load of responsibilities and involvement in the village.

For these reasons they have decided that, after nearly four years, it is time to withdraw and hand over the running of the Fun Club at the end of term in July, believing that others will be able to build on their success and bring a new freshness to the club and its activities.

Both Grace and Bob have thoroughly enjoyed their involvement since starting the club, but recognise it's time to relinquish responsibility to others. If you are interested in helping with the future running of the Fun Club, please contact either Grace on 01208 851792 or Bob on 01208 850401. to find out more about what's involved.

As part of the Carnival Week activities, we are holding our traditional Junior Skittles Championship on Friday 27th July starting at 6.00pm in the Community Centre. This is open to any children between the ages of 7-11.

St Teath Fun Club

Our Fun Club for 7 - 11s gives boys and girls an evening of activities, games, snooker, air hockey and crafts - usually against a background of music! Children choose what they would like to do.

The Fun Club greatly appreciates the support it receives from the community, both financial and otherwise. The Parish Council, the Village Lunch Team, the school, the Parish Walk, the Community Centre and the Trevilley Cream Teas (see below) have all given most generously and enabled the club to become firmly established.

New Fun Clubbers are very welcome and just need to turn up during term-time on Fridays 6.30 - 8pm at the Community Centre. There is a charge of 50p per session, which includes refreshments.

If you have a craft or a skill you would like to share with the childen, please contact either Bob Fox, 01208 850401 or Grace Keat, 01208 851792.

Life size collage
February 12, 2010

At Fun Club, there's always a choice of things to do, or children can make up their own activities. This picture is a life-sized collage of one of our 'Clubbers' - she lay on a roll of paper whilst others drew around her, and then the outline was filled in with fabric pieces. Can you guess who it might be?! There is a mosaic version here

Fun Club is for children aged 7 - 11, but the boundaries are a bit elastic - we don't throw anyone out when they hit their 11th birthday, and similarly, we're happy to welcome anyone who is coming up for 7! New members should just turn up at the Community Centre at 6.30pm on a Friday (term time only).

Mini Fayre and Coffee Morning
November 28, 2009

The many hours that Fun Clubbers spent painting, plaiting, printing, cutting and sticking items for their Mini-Fayre before Christmas all paid off when they raised £212, thanks to much-appreciated support from across the community. The children had also spent some time making decorations for the village Christmas tree and decided to add to their contribution by donating £100 to the Christmas Lights fund. Next, they will have to decide how to spend their own hard-earned funds! We are so pleased that our young people can be involved in village activities beyond our Friday night sessions.

Just some of the Fun Clubbers enjoying their Christmas Party
12 December 2009

Planting daffodils on The Green
17 October 2009

Cream Tea in aid of the Fun Club at Pencarey, Trevilley Lane
23 August 2009

This event raised an amazing £499.

The Cream Tea was very well supported. Model train rides were an added attraction (see inset).

Flower Festival 2009
24 - 26 July 2009

Our model of Tintagel Castle on a theme of 'Cornish Landscapes'

Visit with BBQ at Port Gaverne
16 June 2009

Collecting an bits and pieces
Having a good time

A life size fabric mosaic
made by the children
Painted pebbles