St Teath Village Show

21 August 2010

President: Denis May
Show secretaries: David Jasper and Glenda May

The annual St Teath Village Show was again a very enjoyable celebration of the skills of the exhibitors, restricted to villagers and members of the St Teath Gardening Club and the St Teath WI. Despite the weather which was hot and dry when we needed it to be warm and wet to get the plants established in the Spring and now when it is time to ripen fruit and vegetables and enjoy the flowers in the garden it is well, shall we say, a little pleasant. Entries totalling 868 were up by 200 with more than 120 of them in the fruit and veg. section. Around one hundred exhibits came from the pre school and primary school. The judges were most impressed with both the quality and quantity especially as it is restricted show for gardeners and not "showmen".
David Jasper

Judges: Fruit and Veg: Mr H Hampton, Pot Plants: Mr H Hampton and/or Mr J Godden, Cut Flowers: Mr J Godden, Floral Art: Mrs M Eustice, Home Produce: Mrs J Borlase and Mrs B Varcoe, Wine: Mr A Fooks, Photography: Mr A Fooks, Other craftwork: Mr A Tew, Art: Mr E Simpson

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Trophy Winners

Everitt SalverBest Exhibit VegMalcolm Warman
Geoff Steer CupMost Points VegMalcolm Warman
Margorie ParkerBest Pot PlantBarbara Sadler
Holden CupMost Points Pot PlantsLorraine Jasper
Rose ValeBest Cut FlowersEileen Treby
Gardening ClubMost Points Cut Flowerstie Jane Poynder and Eileen Spry
Nicholls CupBest Floral ArtPam Parsons
Betty LyleMost Points Floral ArtPam Parsons
Stephen Williams CupBest PastyPearl Pluess
Roy LittleBest Home ProduceLinda Setiawan
Community CentreMost Points Home ProduceHester Warman
Newhall TrophyBest Home Made WineBelinda Walker
White HartMost Points Home Made WineDenis May 2010 President
Bill LylePhotoGlenda May
TimepiecePhotoAlice Schofield
Tony StrachanPhoto 16 yrs and underChloe Banks
WI PlaqueBest Exhibit HandicraftBarbara Sadler
GitshamMost Points HandicraftWendy Down
Harry DowerBest Exhibit CraftworkBarbara Sadler
Roy CrosleyMost Points Craftworktie Barbara Sadler and Cain Livingstone
St Teath GarageBest Art 16 yrs and underChloe Banks
Trelawney StudioBest Open ArtMaureen Green
Kevin SchofieldBest Children's CraftworkCain Livingstone
Parsons CupBest Vegetable AnimalCain Livingstone
Alice SchofieldBest Children's CookeryCain Livingstone
Luke and LornaMost Points Children's ClassesAaron Hill
Rufus WarrenBest Fuchsia ExhibitWin Leverton
Ed NarrawayBest Horticultural ExhibitMalcolm Warman
Dorothy ParkinBest Non Horticultural ExhibitBarbara Sadler
Brenda RendleMost Points Section BBarbara Sadler
Matthew HoneyRunner Up Most Points in ShowBarbara Sadler
BruallenMost Points in ShowMalcolm Warman

Presentation of Trophies by Denis May

See above for a list of winners. Photos and results from last year's show are here

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Selected photos of exhibits

Please go to contact if you would like a copy of any original. No charge.

Maureen Green
Jayne Poynder
Cain Livingstone
Aaron Hill
Children at School
Ro Powell
Kristan Treleaven
Malcolm Warman
Yvonne Tew
Eileen Treby
Pam Swettenham
Barbara Sadler
Eileen Spry
Eileen Treby
Rosie Morey
Pearl Pluess
Hester Warman
Linda Satiawan
Jean Burden
Belinda Walker and Denis May
Glenda May
Bridget Power
Karen Peach
Kim Butler
Carolyn Paynter