Messy Church

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Let's get Messy!

Do your children like games and craft activities? Do you wish there was more time in the week to do things together as a family? Would you like someone else to cook tea so you could all sit down and eat together?

Now there is somewhere where all these things can happen! - Messy Church. It will involve some after-school "chilling" time with tea, squash and cake, followed by an hour of different craft activities to choose from. Then there will be a lively ten-minute Celebration before a big Messy Feast - free supper for all the family! Come and spend some time together as a family: it will be colourful, creative, noisy, funny, yummy and probably sticky - in other words, Messy Church!

Sessions for summer 2010

28 April       19 May       23 June

Flower Festival Special and BBQ: 21 July

All on Wednesdays at 3.30pm in St Teath Church Hall

We look forward to seeing you then for Messy Fun and a free Messy Supper (tea and cakes for grown-ups too!), you are all most welcome!


Easter 2010 at Messy Church!

We had a great messy session at the end of March - concocting chocy nests, collaging mini Easter gardens, binding living crosses, designing Easter head-dresses and, best of all, painting and personalising pebbles for our Easter Garden to lay the path to the tomb.
(As well as very messy Easter shape stamping for toddlers and an authentic Biblical dressing-up corner!)

Easter garden
painted pebbles

We are so pleased with our Easter Garden - all the children's own work - but big thank yous must go to:
Carolyn Paynter for her fantastic figure of Jesus;
Su Coster and Helen Brown for their wonderful Spring flowers;
Lorraine Jasper for her yummy hot cross buns,
and to Kevin the butcher for his really delicious lamb burgers,
which were central to our retelling and eating of the Passover meal, much enjoyed by all!

And, as always, thank you to our band of loyal helpers, especially our cook, Sarah Evans, who are essential to Messy Church's success and to all the mums, grandparents and carers who come along and make it all so enjoyable.

The next session of Messy Church will be at the end of April - please look out for posters around the village or contact Amanda Evans on 01208 851570.

Reports 2009

October Session - Light!

Our October session was the first one to take place in the school holidays and it was lovely to see lots of you there. We do hope we helped to liven up your half-term!

Our session this time focused on LIGHT so in just some of our craft activities we decorated our very own candles, made a groovy group sparkly bonfire picture and created our own fiery flags. In our Celebration we all lit a candle each and filled the church with light: beautiful!

We all then eagerly sat down to share our legendary Messy Supper (thank you Sarah Evans!) followed by delicious cake. As always, thank you so much to all our helpers, we really couldn't do it without you!

Our sessions continue on the last TUESDAY in each month at 3.30pm at St Teath Church Hall:

22 DECEMBER: A Messy Christmas Special - Make your own angel!

26 JANUARY 2010: A Fresh Start!

23 FEBRUARY 2010: Messy Pancakes!

With very best wishes for a really joyful and very Messy Christmas! From the Messy Church Team x

September Session - How Love Grows

It was fantastic to welcome everyone back to our first Messy Church session of the new term in St Teath!

As usual, there was a great selection of free messy activities on offer ranging from messy potato printing and designing our own funky t-shirt to making tasty peppermint leaves. All this while parents and carers were treated to homemade cakes and tea and a chance to chat!

The Celebration this month was thinking about Love and how just a little love can spread... and the chance to sing and make lots of noise on the instruments - always very popular! Everyone then eagerly sat down for the famous free and yummy Messy Supper, followed by yet more delicious cake.

Thank you so much once again to all our helpers and a special mention must be made to Sarah Evans who so ably stepped in to keep order in the kitchen! Thank you!

July Session - Flower Festival Special and BBQ!

Welcome back after the Summer Break!

Firstly, we must say (as always!) a Big Thank You to everyone who helped out with our July session Flower Festival Special. We all had masses of messy fun making our very own St Michael's Mount - sponge painting a spiral causeway and cardboard castle, then dipping our feet in bright pink and orange paint for a colourful array of footprints leading up to it! Much to our delight the rain held off for the afternoon and Helen and John (Brown) cooked up some wonderful sausages on the BBQ - thank you.

We'd also like to say a special Thank You to Kevin at St Teath Butchers, who provided the delicious sausages, and to John (Evans) who shopped for multiple rolls, crisps and tomato ketchup! Yummy!

Enjoying cakes after Messy Church BBQ

'The Archangel Michael'
appears at St Michael's Mount
Childrens' footsteps weaving
along the causeway

June Session - at the Beach!

Thank you to everyone who helped with, and came along to, our last Messy Church Session in June. We all had lots of fun with our beach-themed craft activities, including water-play for toddlers (and not so small children!), fish mosaics, painting pebbles and creating myriad fish for our golden fishing net!

April Session - Messy Church's Pentecost Party!

We had a fiery and windy time at our April session with lots of brightly coloured and vivid flags and paper aeroplanes flying everywhere - some were amazingly aerodynamic!

As usual there were about 30 children and their mothers and carers, all ducking whizzy aeroplanes and waving their flags, then digging in to some really yummy toad in the hole followed by cake. It really is a heart-warming sight to see all ages eating together so contentedly! Thanks, as always, to all the helpers who do generously give their time and energy, and to all the mums, grandparents and carers who come along to make each session such a fun and happy time!

Sorry we have to cancel our May session but our next session is 24th June and we very much look forward to welcoming you all back then. You are all very welcome, just come along!

March Session

Our theme for March's Messy Church was Love and Belonging - all about how we are loved just for being ourselves, just as we are!

Again, there were lots of fun messy and craft activities - the top activity this month was definitely making and hand-printing the new Messy Church Banner, involving lots of children and grown-ups getting their hands covered in bright paint and splodging them (carefully!) onto the giant banner, which is now happily displayed in our village church. Do go and have a look at it if you get a chance.

Carers, all of whom joined in the messy play, the messy Celebration in Church and the delicious Messy Feast of macaroni cheese and yummy cakes! Thanks, as always, to all the helpers who do generously give their time and energy, and to all the mums, grandparents and carers who come along to make each session such a fun and happy time!

Our next session is on April 29th at 3.30pm in the Church Hall. All children and their parents, grandparents and carers are very welcome. Just come along!

February Session
Getting messy in Noah's Ark

We were very pleased to have 20 children and their mothers with us for our February session of Messy Church on the theme of Noah's Ark. As usual, there were lots of fun and messy craft activities - the younger children especially enjoyed the water play (not so messy but quite wet!) and cardboard box Noah's Ark with animal puppets, while the older ones enthusiastically took on our rainmaker challenge to make the best sounding rainmaker they could!

A really big thank you once again to all our helpers and the delicious cottage pie and yummy cakes which we all sat down to eat together - a much-needed break for busy mums and a real treat for the children!

Our next session is on March 25th at 3.30pm in the Church Hall. All children and their parents, grandparents and carers are very welcome!

January session

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us out, cooking in the kitchen, cake baking and coming along in person to our first Messy Church session on the theme of Creation last month. We were delighted to have nearly 30 children and their mothers with us for a selection of craft activities, a Celebration in the Church and then nearly 50 of us sat down to eat together a meal of pasta and cheese followed by yummy cakes and fresh fruit kebabs made by the children!

A special mention must go to Barbara and Laura Strachan who (wo)manned the kitchen with such professionalism and patience - thank you!

Our next sessions are on Wednesdays February 25th and March 25th at 3.30pm in the Church Hall. All children and their parents, grandparents and carers are very welcome!

Children's Christmas Workshop

We were delighted that 30 children came to our Christmas Children's Workshop on 13th December - a record number so far!

It was a scene of festive creativity at St Teath Children's Christmas Workshop in the Church Hall on Saturday 13th December when 30 children came together to make yuletide crafts, re-tell the Christmas story and play seasonal games.

Craft activities on offer ranged from make-your-own cracker, creating with clay, decorating star shaped buns, home-made Christmas cards and messy stamping for toddlers - all stored in brown craft bags decorated by the children themselves with a Christmas theme.

We were delighted with the turn-out - the most children at a workshop so far! - and are would like to say a really big 'thank you' to everyone who gave their time to help at the busy Christmas season. We couldn't do it without you!

Amanda Evans